Top 200 Kicks Off 2014 Draft Preview Database

As the draft draws closer, we continue to roll out more lists, more scouting reports and more video of the players who will be the future of your favorite major league team.

Today we expand our Top 100 Draft Prospects to a Top 200, and move into our draft preview database to help you slice it and dice it however you like. We call this master draft preview list the BA 500 and we’ll continue to expand the list and add scouting reports until you have 500 players ranked and written up, allowing you to play scouting director. Each player has a comprehensive scouting report, and most of the players also have video reports as well.

Taylor Gushue

No. 108 Taylor Gushue (photo by Tony Farlow)

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Our draft preview will continue with more feature stories, weekly updates to John Manuel’s mock drafts, and the beloved state-by-state map, with lists going beyond even our BA 500.

The draft starts June 5, so go ahead and bookmark the BA 500 as your one-stop shop for all the draft information you need.