Round 24 Features Trio of Fallers

Midway through the 24th round, the Braves, White Sox and Yankees rolled the dice on high-end talent.The Braves took Mitch Harris, the talented righthander from Navy who has a military obligation that will preclude him from signing, in all likelihood. He was up to 94 mph this season, and ranked No. 156 in our pre-draft rankings.

Kevin Patterson was ranked No. 67, but a strong commitment to Auburn caused him to slide to the White Sox in the 24th round, and the Yankees made Greg Peavey their choice six picks later.

Peavey was considered one of the top high school underclassmen as early as 2004, but was unable to continue to progress in his development, and slipped in the draft because of signability. He has plenty of value as a back-of-the-rotation starter of perhaps even a setup man in the big leagues, and his makeup and competitiveness are off the charts. He’s committed to Oregon State.