Robinson Leads Draft-And-Follow Signings

It’s the last year of the draft-and-follow process, and the Brewers are going to go out strong.

As expected, they signed righthander Chad Robinson, a draft-and-follow out of CC of Southern Nevada. Scouting director Jack Zduriencik confirmed the signing, and BA has confirmed from other sources that Robinson received a $500,000 bonus. Robinson was a 12th-round pick last June out of Las Vegas’ Silverado High and went 2-3, 3.30 for CCSN this spring. Robinson’s fastball has hit 95 mph in this his second year back from labrum surgery he had as a high school junior. He also throws a changeup and split-finger fastball, and the Brewers figure to have him use his slider much more than he did in junior college.

The Brewers also were expected to make a run at signing 19th-round draft-and-follow Lee Haydel, an outfielder who has led Delgado (La.) CC to the NJCAA World Series that begins this weekend in Grand Junction, Colo. Haydel hit .421 for Delgado this spring and is an 80 runner on the 20-to-80 scouting scale. Major league teams must wait until the season has been completed before resuming negotations with players they have under control, and have until midnight, June 1 to get them signed.
The Braves also have been busy signing draft-and-follows, signing their 14th-, 15th-, 17th- and 42nd-round picks from ’06. Those players include righthander Matt Small (Lake City, Fla., CC, 14th round), and third baseman Stephen Shults (Walters State, Tenn., JC, 15th). Braves scouting director Roy Clark has a son on the Walter’s State roster (though he was redshirted this year as a freshman), giving Clark another good reason to check in on the three Senators the Braves had under control there. Shults was the best of the trio (which included 16th-round pick Jack Tilghman and J.B. Paxson, whom Atlanta took last year in the 18th round). The Braves also have signed lefthander Clayton McMillian (Texarkana, Texas, CC, 17th) and outfielder L.V. Ware (Okaloosa-Walton, Fla., CC, 42nd).

Other draft-and-follow signings coming through the transactions wire included righthanders Robbie Dominguez (Mariners), Dylan Lindsey (Angels), Travis Turek (Indians); third baseman Todd Waller (Reds); and shortstop Zack Murry (Rockies).