Rays Go BOGO With Brendan McKay

Last weekend, the Rays offered buy-one-get-one baseball by staging the first scheduled doubleheader in the major leagues since 2011. Then they went BOGO in the draft by selecting Louisville two-way star Brendan McKay No. 4 overall with plans--initially anyway--to let him play first base and pitch.

“At this point, our plan is to continue to let him explore that,” Rays general manager Erik Neander said. “He’s probably the first guy, as long as we can remember, that has qualified on both sides of the ball to do this. We’re excited to get him in here and explore it further.”

Realistically, the challenge of being good enough to both hit and pitch--and be able to put in the requisite work to do so--at the major league level will be extreme, making it likely McKay will end up as one or the other.

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