Never A Better Time For Twitter

In case you have been holding out against the genius/evil that is Twitter, draft signing day is a great time to give in. Every member of the BA editorial strike force is on Twitter, so you can sign up and follow these handles and be assured of staying on top of all the breaking signing news:

@BaseballAmerica @willingo @johnmanuelba @jjcoop36 @BenBadler @eddymk @aaronfitt @jimcallisba @joshlev44 @bahighschool @jimshonerdba @conorglassey

Jim Callis leads our signing coverage, but lots of others will be contributing as well. Significant news will also be funneled through the @BaseballAmerica account, so if you can pick only one feed to follow, that's probably the one. We will be updating signing news on the Draft Blog as well throughout the night, but Twitter will get you the basic information faster. So come join the revolution and get some actual useful information along with Kanye West's views on the events of the day.