Mock Draft 4.1: One More Last Chance

An hour before the draft was set to begin at 7 p.m. Eastern, here’s our last, best guess as to what will happen in the first round. If the Astros know who they’re taking No. 1 overall, they’re not telling, and they may still be in the process of making the decision.

As a result, I’m standing pat with my projected top five picks from Mock Draft 4.0 this morning, rather than rip it all up based on the various rumors that are flying around. Besides the No. 1 choice, the selection that’s bothering me the most is the Royals at No. 8. They may have cut a deal with California high school righthander Phil Bickford, who does have helium, but I can’t confirm it to the point where I feel comfortable putting him there. So I’m leaving him at No. 23 (Rangers) and may regret that decision.

We present the top two options for each team in the top half of the first round, based on whom we project to be available, and one choice for each club in the bottom half. The parenthetical references are players that drafting teams would love to see when they pick but who we don’t think will be available.

For a more detailed analysis of the various scenarios, please see Mock Draft 4.0 and all of our other mock drafts.

1. Astros: Gray over Appel
2. Cubs: Appel over Bryant (would strongly consider Gray)
3. Rockies: Bryant over Smith (would strongly consider Gray, Appel)
4. Twins: Stewart over McGuire (would strongly consider Big Three)
5. Indians: Moran over Frazier (would strongly consider Big Three)
6. Marlins: Meadows over Shipley
7. Red Sox: Frazier over Meadows (would strongly consider Stewart)
8. Royals: Shipley over Bickford (would strongly consider Stewart)
9. Pirates: McGuire over Peterson (would strongly consider Meadows)
10. Blue Jays: Ball over J.P. Crawford (would strongly consider Frazier)
11. Mets: Peterson over Gonzalez (would strongly consider Meadows)
12. Mariners: J.P. Crawford over Stanek (would strongly consider Peterson)
13. Padres: Renfroe over Bickford (would strongly consider Meadows)
14. Pirates: Stanek over Smith (would strongly consider Peterson)
15. Diamondbacks: Clarkin over Gonzalez (would strongly consider Stanek)
16. Phillies: Smith over T. Anderson (would strongly consider J.P. Crawford)
17. White Sox: C. Anderson over T. Anderson (would strongly consider Ball)
18. Dodgers: T. Anderson
19. Cardinals: A. Gonzalez
20. Tigers: Jonathon Crawford
21. Rays: Ciuffo
22. Orioles: Harvey
23. Rangers: Bickford
24. Athletics: Judge
25. Giants: Krook
26. Yankees: Jagielo
27. Reds: Ervin
28. Cardinals: M.Gonzales
29. Rays: Dozier
30. Rangers: Demeritte
31. Braves: Green
32. Yankees: McKinney
33. Yankees: Kaminsky