Lund Shows Off Premium Speed At NHSI

CARY, N.C.—It wasn't easy for Bingham outfielder Brennon Lund to stand out at USA Baseball's 2013 National High School Invitational.

After all, the Miners brought 43 players to North Carolina.

Brennon Lund

Brennon Lund (Photo by Alyson Boyer Rode)

"When we travel, we always take them all like this—from ninth grade, up to seniors," Bingham head coach Joel Sato said. "And that's the deal, it's all about the experience. Someday, if we get back here, or we go play in the National Classic, or wherever, it's going to be their turn on the big stage. If they've been here, they've seen that, they've experienced it, then we feel like they're better prepared for that, it doesn't overwhelm them . . . it's about them growing as players and people."

Bringing that many people across the country takes a big commitment from the team's parents, and the South Jordan, Utah, community.

"We had 43 players on the team and we had over 20 sets of parents to travel with us," Sato said. "They've been wonderful. Knowing when we got invited to this at the start of the school year, they started then with fundraising and helping our players earn the money to get here. So, our parents are great. They've supported our kids all throughout the years I've been there. For them to travel all the way out to North Carolina, it's quite an expense, and they're all out here, and our kids feel that, and they know they've got that support behind them."

Lund was one of 11 seniors on the team, all of whom have played together since Little League.

"A lot of them have played in the club situation since they've been 8 or 9 years old," Sato said. "The majority of those 11 kids have all played together for quite a while. So, they know each other very well and they're very close as friends, and as teammates."

The lefthanded-hitting outfielder doesn't stand out physically, but he does stand out with his speed.

"Brennon's special," Bingham head coach Joel Sato said. "You look at him and he's 5-10 and 180 now, doesn't look that big in a uniform, but he's a 6.4 (second) 60 (yard dash) runner, and the ball jumps off his bat better than anybody that's come through our program, maybe ever."

Lund was the only position player from Utah on the Cincinnati Reds' Southwest team at the Area Code Games and stood out there for his speed, as well.

"I hit those ground balls and I beat them out and get on base a lot," Lund said. "That's why my on-base percentage is high. I'm the first batter and that's just what I'm good at—my speed."

In the video below, Lund reached first base on a bunt in 3.97 seconds.

"I get lots of base hits off bunts back home," Lund said. "I work on it a lot, and that's what our team does a lot, is work on bunting. All of our players can do it."

Lund said he is working this season to hit more line drives, driving the ball the opposite way, and working on faster exchanges in the outfield. He is committed to Brigham Young, and is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but said he is still undecided on whether or not he will serve a two-year church mission.

"At this point, I might go after a year," Lund said. "But it depends on what happens after this season."