In Top 10 Form, Matzek Deals

ORANGE, Calif.—After tossing three innings on Friday, Tyler Matzek took the hill for Capistrano Valley in its playoff game against Orange Lutheran. Hart Park, home of Division III powerhouse Chapman University, was the site of the nighttime contest.

Forty scouts were in attendance, including one veteran scout who has over 40 years of experience as a player, coach, amateur and pro scout. He was candid in his evaluation.

“Most of these scouts are wasting their time,” he said.  “I can’t imagine Matzek lasting until a double digit pick. Anybody who came out here that picks beyond number 10 is wasting their money.”

Matzek threw six innings, struck out seven and walked three as Capo Valley advanced, 4-1. The scout observed, “Matzek’s arm action was free and easy, and he comfortably sat around 94. He showed good rotation on the breaking ball also.”

Matzek has some minor drawbacks, the scout noted. “He doesn’t have a great feel for the change.” Mechanically, the scout said, Matzek “gets a little bit upside down with his arm swing, bringing his arm down to his side after his hands break and pointing his thumb toward home. He gets a bit too much separation (as he drives plateward) and pulls his front side open and out.”

None of these problems are alarming and should be easily correctable, he added.

Earlier, our source viewed a playoff game featuring Brooks Pounders of Temecula Valley High (Temecula, Calif.) and Wes Hatton of Norco, Calif., High. Matt Hobgood had done his duty on Friday by pitching Norco into this game.

Of Pounders, he said, “He’s a big kid, and I got him around 92 from the windup. He loses a bit from the stretch, but he has a good feel for the breaking ball. I could see the third round for him”.

Our scout also saw multi-purpose prospect Hatton, a Cal State Fullerton recruit. “His arm works very well, even better than Pounders’ does. He sat around 89-91, but Hatton also loses a little from the stretch. He’s got a very good 82 mph curve. Hatton’s a smaller kid, but I like the fact that he is versatile, and could be a two way righthander/outfielder or infielder in college. If he is signable, I could envision rounds five-to-seven.”