Game Report: Bryse Wilson Throws No-Hitter

Orange High (Hillsborough, N.C.) righthander Bryse Wilson threw his second no-hitter of the season on Tuesday evening. Wilson struck out nine batters and walked two. He generated 10 ground balls and three fly balls. Wilson threw 98 pitches in Orange’s 3-0 victory over JF Webb High (Oxford, N.C.).

“I was able to, at times, locate my fastball fairly well. I noticed they were biting on the slider very well and it was just all good play by the infield, very good play by the middle infield,” Wilson said.

Wilson said that his previous no-hitter was a little bit smoother, noting that he was struggling to throw strikes at times in Tuesday’s game.

Wilson teamed up with fellow draft prospect Brad Debo, who was the catcher and also hit a two-run home run to increase Orange’s lead.

In the first inning, Wilson’s fastball sat at 91-93 mph, bumping 94 on one occasion. His velocity was stable throughout the outing, settling in at 89-92. He threw 73 fastballs, with an average velocity of 91.1 mph. At times, Wilson was able to locate his fastball down and to either side of the plate, showing late arm-side run when he threw it down and in to righthanded hitters.

Wilson’s slider was impressive at times, showing late darting action from 10-to-4. The pitch had consistently tight spin, though his release point varied on his slider, and the pitch sometimes backed up or showed looping action out of his hand. The pitch has above-average potential if he can find a consistent release for it going forward.

The righthander has some length to his arm action, with a hooked wrist wrap in the back. His arm slot varies from a true three-quarters slot to a slightly lower one, though he repeated his arm speed well on both pitches on Tuesday. He finishes across his body with some effortful recoil. Wilson gets his torso over his front side well.

Wilson stands at 6-foot-1 with a thick, muscular build and wide shoulders, giving him a durable look.

With the win, Orange is 15-4 on the season.