Fuentes Represents For Puerto Rico

In the days leading up to the draft, outfielder Reymond Fuentes had spoken with officials from the Rangers, Tigers and Diamondbacks.

So when the Puerto Rican speedster learned that he had been popped by the Red Sox with the 28th pick in the first round, he was taken aback.

"I was very surprised," Fuentes said. "I didn’t know I was going to get taken by Boston, but I’m very excited."

Fuentes, a cousin of Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran, said he received a call from the four-time all-star, who found some down time amidst a game against the Phillies tonight to check in.

"Him and me are very close," Fuentes said. "Actually, when I got drafted by Boston—I think it was when he was at the game in New York—he was telling me congratulations."

At 6-foot, 160 pounds, Fuentes has game-changing speed to go along with a line-drive approach from the left side of the plate. That plus speed also figures to play well in center field, which is expected to be his defensive destiny in pro ball.

Fuentes says he patterns his game after Beltran, a fine center fielder in his own right.

"When I play, I get very focused on my game," Fuentes said. "I do what I have to do. I don’t pay any mind to anything outside the game. I consider myself very similar to Carlos because when he’s playing, he just plays the game and nothing else."

Although Fuentes said that his immediate focus will be on improving his throwing mechanics and getting physically stronger, he is proud to represent his country in the first round of the draft.

"Being a first rounder from Puerto Rico is amazing," Fuentes said. "I think the last one was Alex Rios, but I’m very excited. I thank God for everything, for giving me the tools I need to be a first rounder."