Everything You Need To Get Ready For The 2013 MLB Draft

At Baseball America, the draft is always a special time because a year's worth of work finally comes to fruition, and draft day is finally here. After covering these players for the past year from high school showcase events and summer college leagues through their spring season ups and downs, it all comes down to the next three days when names start coming off teams’ draft boards. The draft represents the intersection of everything we cover at Baseball America, as the players we cover in high school will either go on to college or enter the professional ranks on their way to the big leagues.

As outlined here, MLB Network will again be broadcasting the first night of the draft, which includes the first 73 selections. The coverage starts at 6 p.m. Eastern, and Baseball America executive editor Jim Callis will be a part of the MLB Network crew to provide analysis. The televised portion of the draft will take us through the first two rounds (with four and a half minutes between picks in the first round, two minutes in the supplemental first round, and one minute in the second round). The draft will resume June 7 at 1 p.m. Eastern with coverage shifting to MLB.com. Callis will continue to provide expert commentary, along with MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo, with the selections schedule to run from round three through round 10, with one minute between picks. Rounds 11-40 will go in rapid-fire order on June 8, beginning at 1 p.m., and can also be heard on MLB.com.

We cover the draft to an unmatched level of depth here at Baseball America, so if you're new to the site (or just need a refresher), here are some links to help you prepare for tonight and the next two days . . .

2013 Draft Order
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2013 BA 500
The list is free to everyone, and subscribers can read 78,000 words of scouting reports

2013 Draft Map
Taking a more in-depth look at the players expected to be drafted from each state

Jim Callis Mock Drafts
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Those are the main pieces of information you'll need to get ready, but that's just scratching the surface for our draft coverage. We've also done historical looks at the importance of the draft, a list with the players with the best tools in the 2013 draft, a chart with draft-eligible players' famous relatives, as well as hundreds more articles on the players set to be drafted over the next few days.

You can also follow our draft writers on Twitter for insight and analysis throughout the #mlbdraft: @JimCallisBA, @JohnManuelBA, @ConorGlassey, @NathanRode & @AaronFitt.