Draft Grades, 2005-08

Below are the latest Draft Report Card grades for each team from 2005-08, which are explained in detail in the 2010 Prospect Handbook. Grades are based solely on the quality of the draftees signed, and not on the number of picks added/lost through free-agent compensation, the amount of money spent, whom the players may have been traded for or unsigned players who became prominent.

Team 2008 2007 2006 2005 GPA
Giants A A A C 3.50
Red Sox A C+ B+ A 3.50
Rays B A A C+ 3.38
Diamondbacks C B A A 3.25
Dodgers B+ B A C+ 3.25
Tigers B A C+ B+ 3.25
Marlins C A B B+ 3.13
Rangers B+ B+ B+ C 3.13
Reds B+ B C+ B+ 3.13
Braves C A C A 3.00
Phillies B B A C 3.00
Twins B B C A 3.00
Orioles A A D C+ 2.88
Athletics B C B+ C+ 2.75
Brewers B B D A 2.75
Cardinals B C C B+ 2.63
Padres B C B C+ 2.63
Yankees C C A C+ 2.63
Blue Jays C B B C 2.50
Pirates A F C A 2.50
Rockies B C D A 2.50
Nationals D B+ D A 2.38
Royals B B D C+ 2.38
White Sox A C D C+ 2.38
Mets B D C C+ 2.13
Indians B D C C 2.00
Cubs B+ C+ D F 1.75
Mariners D C A F 1.75
Angels D D C+ C 1.63
Astros B F C F 1.25
MLB average 2.87 2.57 2.53 2.68 2.66