Draft Day Two: Running Diary

We’ll be compiling the Tweets and news and notes that pop up through the second day of the 2013 draft.

12:55 p.m.: We’ll start off with a prediction for the first pick of the third round.

1:04 p.m: As a reminder, here’s our best available talent as day two begins

1:07 p.m.: The Astros take North Carolina RHP Kent Emmanuel, BA coverboy from our preseason college preview, with the first pick of the second day. As John Manuel notes, Emmanuel made news this past week when he pitched in the Tar Heels’ final game of the regionals, just two days after he threw 124 pitches in a regional start.

1:15 p.m. Insight’s on Mets’ third-round pick Ivan Wilson

1:19 p.m.: The Marlins take Ben Deluzio who has some position projection questions.

1:21 p.m. For Royals scouts The Woodlands (Texas) HS is a must-see stop, year after year.

  1:22 p.m.: The Blue Jays took a high school pitcher who has already endured rehab

1:23 p.m. Following up on that last pick by the Blue Jays…


1:25 p.m.: The Mariners pick of Tyler O’Neill reminds Conor Glassey of another Canadian product.

1:26 p.m.: Jacoby Jones spent his time at Louisiana State at second base, but he’ll be moving to a new position with the Pirates

  1:30 p.m.: Padres pick Bryan Verbitsky can bring the velocity

1:42 p.m.: Ole Miss’ Bobby Wahl (No. 37 on the BA 500) is still on the board, but another member of the Rebels pitching staff has been taken.


1:44 p.m.: Count Conor Glassey as a fan of the Orioles’ third-round pick

1:47 p.m.: Info on A’s third-round pick Ryon Healy

  1:48 p.m.: The Braves found another potential power reliever in the third round

1:49 p.m. Could Michael O’Neill have been picked from anyone else


1:51 p.m.: Thumbnail sketch on Reds’ third-rounder Mark Armstrong

1:53 p.m.: The Nationals’ third-round pick almost didn’t get a chance to be picked this year


1:57 p.m.: And we’ve moved on to the fourth round


2:00 p.m.: The Rockies picked up a fourth-round outfielder who could be interesting if he can stick in center field


2:01 p.m.: We’re more than 100 picks in, but we’re just getting going here at Baseball America. It’s why we ranked roughly 1,100 players for this year’s draft


2:02 p.m.: If you’re an area scout and you get one guy you recommend taken in the top 10 rounds, you do well. For a Marlins scout, it’s already been a great draft.


2:04 p.m.: More on KJ Woods



2:05 p.m.: John Manuel thinks the Red Sox’s fourth-round pick had some late helium


2:07 p.m.: The Blue Jays’ fourth-round pick wasn’t in the BA 500, but here’s some info on him


2:08 p.m.: More on Smith


2:21 p.m.: Cody Bellinger is a new Dodger


2:24 p.m.: Taylor Williams, the Brewers’ fourth-rounder, received good coaching in college


2:25 p.m.: The Rays’ fourth-round pick’s brother is one of the better prospects in baseball


2:26 p.m.: We have another area scout who’s already picked up two picks


2:30 p.m.: The Orioles’ took catcher Jonah Helm in the fourth round


2:35 p.m.: The Reds’ fourth-round pick isn’t exciting, but that’s not all bad


2:35 p.m.: And with the last pick of the fourth-round


2:38 p.m.: Aaron Fitt fave Tony Kemp, the SEC Player of the Year, leads off the fourth-round


2:40 p.m.: A decade ago, Alan Matthews was writing about the draft at Baseball America, now as a Rockies area scout, he has had two players taken


2:43 p.m.: It hasn’t been a great draft for the state of Florida.



2:49 p.m.: Mets fans you can watch your fifth-round pick on TV this weekend


2:53 p.m.: We still have some Top 100 players left on the board, but they may be waiting a while.


2:53 p.m.: If you need a shortstop, there aren’t many to choose from


2:56 p.m.: Jon Denney is excited to be drafted by the Red Sox


3:07 p.m.: The Cardinals have a history with Ian McKinney, their fifth-round pick


3:14 p.m.: After a long wait, Bobby Wahl has a team



3:16 p.m.: We trust Dick Tidrow when it comes to pitching


3:20 p.m.: We’re not above some inter-BA strife when it comes to rankings


3:23 p.m.: We’re more than six hours into the draft and the Tigers haven’t taken a position player yet.


3:46 p.m.: The picks keep coming


3:47 p.m.: Insight on the Mets’ sixth-round pick


3:58 p.m.: Orioles’ sixth-rounder scoop


4:15 p.m.: And the inter-office challenges continues


4:25 p.m.: The Diamondbacks’ seventh-round pick was expected to go earlier.


4:37 p.m.: Ty Young, the Rays’ seventh-round pick has been on the radar for quite a while.


4:44 p.m.: Dustin Driver is another player who fell in the draft


4:50 p.m.: This seems like a more conventional draft than last year



5:07 p.m.: An eighth round pick to like

5:08 p.m.: And still on the board

5:10 p.m.: Draft strategy is coming into play


5:27 p.m.: Like pitching?

6:07 p.m.: Ninth-round tidbits


6:18 p.m.: 10th-round notes