Draft Chat With Conor Glassey

Moderator: Conor Glassey will answer your draft questions beginning at 2 p.m. ET.

Conor Glassey: Hey everybody – I’m here! Sorry I’m a few minutes late. It’s multi-tasking time here at BA. I just finished proofing a page for the magazine and I’m currently eating lunch. Too much to do, too little time. But it sure is exciting, isn’t it? I can be here for about an hour and then have to do some radio shows. Let’s roll!

Henry T (San Francisco): Hello, thanks for the chat! Any buzz on St. Ignatius outfielder Jack Klein? He's a Stanford commit (headed to school) but what round would he be drafted based on talent? Thanks again
Conor Glassey: Klein made my California list, outside the BA 500 at No. 138 in California. On talent he’d probably be picked in the teens, but I might be a little low on him. You’re right, he’s heading to Stanford and it can be difficult to get accurate gauges of those guys’ talent because scouts realize they’re virtually impossible to sign.

Jeff (Virginia): Where do you see Chad Pinder from VT going, late 1st/early second??
Conor Glassey: I like him a lot, but I don’t see him getting into the back of the first round. We have him at No. 54 on the BA 500, which puts him firmly in the middle of the second round, and I think that’s the right spot for him.

Casey (Texas): Which names have been linked to the Twins at 43?
Conor Glassey: Tough to say, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them make a run at toolsy local outfielder Ryan Boldt.

Keith (Syracuse, NY): Can you tell me some names of players the Braves may target beyond the first round? Thanks
Conor Glassey: I’ve been saying for a while that this draft branches out after about the first 20 picks. What I mean by that is that, if you look at the BA 500, I could reasonably see basically anyone from the 21-60 range going in the first round and it wouldn’t shock me. I think the Braves would love a shot at Tim Anderson, but I don’t think he’ll get there. More likely, it could be Hunter Green, Hunter Harvey or Josh Hart.

Steve (Wilmington, DE): The Phillies havent had a pick this high in a decade. Who are they connected with at 16 if Crawford doesnt get to them?
Conor Glassey: I think they’re leaning toward a positon player there. Dominic Smith compares favorably to Jonathan Singleton, so he could be an option.

Andrew (Minnesota): Latest rumblings on Twins pick at #4? Are they dialed in on Stewart if "Big 3" goes 1-2-3?
Conor Glassey: Yes, I think that’s the most likely scenario.

Buck (Galveston Island): What if Kohl Stewart becomes the RH version of Clayton Kershaw? I know it's a big if , but for about $4-4.5m why not take the first ever RHP HS kid. Why let some other team (Minn) take some one from Houston's own back yard and reap all the rewards.
Conor Glassey: Yeah, that’s a big if. I imagine that a high school righthander will someday go 1-1, but I don’t think Stewart’s the guy just because he’s from the same area as the team with the first pick. Gray, Appel and Bryant are better.

Bobo (Carolina): Where would Trea Turner go if he were eligible?
Conor Glassey: Top 5

Roger (Greenville, SC): How high do you see Tucker Neuhaus going?
Conor Glassey: I see him going in the 2nd-3rd round

Tanner (Omaha): Who will be the first position player from this years draft to get called up to the bigs?
Conor Glassey: Interesting question. I’ll say D.J. Peterson, as I think he has the best all-around bat.

Norm Chouinard (Connecticut): With cost certainty at a premium with the new CBA draft rules, if you are an agent, how do you approach pre draft conversations with interested clubs?
Conor Glassey: It depends on the player. It’s important to understand that agents work for the players and ultimately the players are the ones whose lives are at stake here. If a player comes from a good financial situation and is legitimately interested in college, then picking a firm number and sticking to it is probably the best approach. But if a player wants/needs the money and is ready and interested in playing professionally right away, it’s best to take an approach where they can get as much as possible. In the new environment, that can mean moving up the board and signing for a below-slot deal to make both parties happy: the player gets paid significantly and the team saves money in their bonus pool to spread around to other players. It’s really a fascinating thing to think about because there are many different variables and scenarios in play.

Michael (Sleepy Hollow, NY): Hi, Connor. Do you think there is a chance Michael Lorenzen could sneak into the first round? I would think that a centerfielder with his defensive acumen, good hitting ability, and okay power would be worth it at some point in the first, especially considering his mid-nineties fastball which might serve as a fallback plan. Am I crazy for thinking this?
Conor Glassey: It wouldn’t shock me, but I see him more as a solid second rounder.

John (Dallas): Teams throw out a lot of misdirection every year about their first round pick. How do you know what information to trust when you talk to your sources?
Conor Glassey: For mock draft stuff, Jim Callis handles most of that and he’s the best in the business. He’s been doing this for more than 20 years and has a huge network of sources, as well as tremendous respect throughout the industry. So, it’s a combination of that background and a lot of hard work to put all that stuff together.

Nick (Delray Beach): Who in the MLB does Alex Gonzalez' stuff most compare to? What is his ceiling in the draft?
Conor Glassey: Haven’t gotten these comps from scouts, but his body and stuff is similar to someone like Ervin Santana. 90-94 mph fastball with a good slider. No. 3 starter potential. I could see him going as high as 15 to the Diamondbacks.

Mike (NJ): Hey Conor, thanks for the chat. Where do you see Jason Hursh coming off the board? Any way he gets to the end of round 2?
Conor Glassey: Yeah, I could see him getting to the end of the second round.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): What are you thoughts on Cullman High School (Alabama) pitcher Keegan Thompson will he get drafted early 2nd or 3rd? Do you think he will go pro or go to Auburn?
Conor Glassey: I think Thompson will wind up as a very good two-way player for Auburn.

Rich (new york): Mets at 11? who's the projected pick? what's their game plan, best player or quickest to the majors?
Conor Glassey: I think the Mets would love a crack at either of the Georgia HS outfielders, but I don’t see a way either one gets there. More likely, I think they’ll go with Arkansas righthander Ryne Stanek.

Mike (Baltimore): Conor, what players will be at the draft in Secaucus, NJ tomorrow? Thanks.
Conor Glassey: Clint Frazier, Tim Anderson, Nick Ciuffo, J.P. Crawford, Aaron Judge, Dominic Smith, Billy McKinney & Jon Denney.

Ben (Miamisburg, OH): Who are the best college middle infielders in this draft?
Conor Glassey: It’s slim pickins in that regard. For college shortstops, the best one on the BA 500 is Mississippi junior college SS Tim Anderson at 26. Stephen F. Austin State SS Hunter Dozier is at 39, but he'll likely move to 3B. Mississippi State's Adam Frazier is at 144, East Carolina's Jack Reinheimer is at 155. Brutal year for college shortstops. Second base isn't much better. JaCoby Jones from LSU is at 75, but he has serious questions about his bat, UConn senior L.J. Mazzilli is at 250….Tony Kemp! from Vanderbilt at 269….

Ryan Lochte (Florida): JEAH!
Conor Glassey: Tyler Jett….is that you?


Falkor (Fantasia): Any news leaking out about HOU at #1 yet?
Conor Glassey: No, I expect a similar scenario to last year. I bet they’re still hammering on signability and working through scenarios. I’m not sure we’ll know who Houston’s taking until minutes before the draft.

Conor Glassey: Hey guys – hang tight. I’m recording a radio spot for KGYM 1600 AM in Eastern Iowa. I’ll be back in about 10 minutes

Logan (California): Connor, where do you see Elk Grove's Rowdy Tellez coming off the board?
Conor Glassey: OK, I’m back! Thanks for your patience, everybody. I’ll hammer through a few more questions before I have to call it quits. I still have a few things I need to finish up before the big day tomorrow. Tellez is one of my personal favorites this year. I think he has the best lefthanded power in the draft, but he’s also a very good pure hitter who knows the strike zone. He’s been red-hot lately, helping his high school team win a Sac-Joaquin section title before impressing scouts at a few MLB workouts. It wouldn’t shock me to see him sneak into the bottom of the first round, but I think the top half of the second round is more likely.

NotReallyJasonHeyward (Turner Field): Any chance my brother makes it into the first five rounds? I have seen some positive reports, but he doesn't make it into any of the top prospect draft lists. Shouldn't they look at me and draft him? Or should I get my average over .200 before I say that?
Conor Glassey: We didn’t have Jacob Heyward in our Top 500. It’s more likely that he heads to Miami.

Mike (Ithaca, NY): Where do you see Riley Unroe going and do you think he is signable?
Conor Glassey: I have heard a $1.4 million price tag for Unroe, so he’ll have to go in a good spot to turn down Southern California. He’s one of my personal favorites this year.

Julian (Connecticut): What do you perceive to be Cleveland's biggest need and who do you think they will take in the draft?
Conor Glassey: Cleveland won’t be drafting for need. I think they would love a pitcher, but the way the talent lines up, and assuming Grey, Appel and Stewart are off the board, I think it’s more likely they take Colin Moran or Clint Frazier.

Itto (PR): Hi and thanks for the chat. Which players the Cubs could be looking for their second pick?
Conor Glassey: Whoever Houston doesn’t pick between Appel and Gray is my best guess. If both are available to them, I’m not sure which way they would lean.

Jordan (Texas): Hey what's up conor hopefully this question gets answer seems like if wee not talking about 1st rounders we don't here much about the other guys. I follewed the Pittsburgh panther all season where do you see Elvin Soto Ethan Mildren and Matt Wotherspoon and is there anyone else on that team that can possibly get picked up?
Conor Glassey: Soto fits in the 7-10 round range. Wotherspoon in the 10-12. Those are the only two players we ranked this year from Pittsburgh.

Mike (NJ): Hey Conor, thanks for the chat. I haven't heard much concern over Phil Bickford's arm slot and that surprises me. Could that scare teams off at all? The way he throws his slider really looks ugly to me.
Conor Glassey: Yeah, he’s getting Jered Weaver comparisons and sometimes that’s short for “it’s not pretty, but it works.” I spoke to a scout earlier this year who liked his arm action, but there is some effort there. And, while he’s up to 97 mph, his secondary stuff is still a work in progress.

TJ (Miami): So who does Miami go with at #6? Meadows or Shipley?
Conor Glassey: Shipley’s the guy I’ve heard most for them.

Roger (Greenville, SC): What teams have the slot wriggle room to nab a falling name like Manaea?
Conor Glassey: He’s one of the toughest guys to predict with his stock slipping this spring because of injuries and then being advised by Boras on top of that. I could see the Royals, Yankees or Cardinals making a run at him.

Dave (DC): Do you expect any of the tradeable picks to be moved? If so, who is most likely to deal for them, just teams who covet a specific player still on the board at that spot?
Conor Glassey: I have not heard any buzz on that.

Ben (Miamisburg, OH): Does Billy McKinney have the best all around approach at the plate amongst high schoolers in this draft? Who is next?
Conor Glassey: We ranked McKinney as one of this year’s best high school hitters. For best strike-zone judgement, we went with Austin Meadows, Dominic Smith & Rowdy Tellez. The list can be found here: http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/best-tools-2013-draft/

Ben (Miamisburg, OH): Would you rather have one pick in the 4-7 range, or three in the 28-39 range?
Conor Glassey: Interesting question. Most years that’s a no-brainer. This year, I actually thought about it for a second. I’d rather have one pick in the 4-7 range, but I would like having three picks at the back of the draft because it would adds some financial flexibility and means my team didn’t suck last year.

Robbie (Toronto): Who do you see the Jays taking at 10?
Conor Glassey: I’ve heard them linked to high school players, so I could see them taking Reese McGuire if he’s there, Austin Meadows if he’s there or J.P. Crawford.

JY (Seattle): So we know about the tools, but what are the 80 names for this draft?
Conor Glassey: Tough to beat Sicnarf Loopstok

Jareth (The Labyrinth): Is Hunter Green going to go in the first round?
Conor Glassey: I think he’ll be in the back end of the first round, yes.

Stuart (London): Rockies fan here, any hope of Gray getting to the Rocks at 3?
Conor Glassey: Doubtful

Mike (Chicago): Would it be a major upset if the cubs select Kris Bryant, I know they need lots of pitching but he out homered everybody and power like his doesn't come around a lot, and the track record for pitching at the top of the draft isn't very good. What do you think?
Conor Glassey: No, that would certainly be defensible

JD (AZ): Hi Conor, can I get your thoughts on Cody Stubbs, who did not make the top 500. Also as a senior is he type of player that could go in first 10 rounds for low signing bonus?
Conor Glassey: I’m apparently the high man on Stubbs in the office. He has his faults, but I like his swing and he’s been a steady producer on one of the best teams in the country. I think he’ll definitely go in the Top 10 rounds.

BC (NC): You see any of UNC high school recruits getting drafted high enough to not attend UNC
Conor Glassey: Rob Kaminsky is the one that immediately jumps to mind. I think the Tar Heels should get their other top recruits: Chris Oakley, Joe Dudek and A.J. Bogucki.

Adrian (Houston): Will Bryant be able to stay at 3b in MLB?
Conor Glassey: I think he’s more likely to move to right field

Mike (Virginia): Who do you prefer: Wahl, Ziomek, or Blair? (and why)
Conor Glassey: I’d rank them the same way we have them in the BA 500: Wahl just barely ahead of Blair, followed by Ziomek.

Jacob (Manchester): Connor Jones can still be selected, right? (He didn't do what Nathan Kirby did last year)?
Conor Glassey: Yes, that’s correct. He took MLB’s drug test and is still draft-eligible.

Jim (Vancouver, BC): How high could Tyler O'Neill potentially go? Does his seeming lack of definite position hurt him or his bat good enough to allow teams to ignore the position issue?
Conor Glassey: I could see him going as high as the second round. And yes, position is what kills him. He’s probably going to have to play left field, so you really have to love the bat. He can hit fastballs a long ways, but will need to improve on soft stuff away.

B.Rabbit (8 Mile): His name's Conor Glassey, droppin hardball knowledge/ he stays ever classy, more class than a college/ predicting picks today for the draft tomorrow/choices surely will bring happiness or sorrow/flamethrowin pitchers and ball-crushin hitters/tomorrow they're taken in hoardes and litters/ tell us good news, and buzzy bits/baseball bro, talkin pitches and hits
Conor Glassey: A fine place to end. Sorry I have to go guys. I have some stuff to finish up today. Thank you for all the great questions. Keep them coming on Twitter @conorglassey and we’ll be back with another chat tomorrow!