Dodgers, Marlins Sign First-Rounders

Baseball America's Jim Callis has confirmed that the Dodgers signed first-round pick Zack Lee just before the signing deadline. Lee's status as a premium high school righthander and one of the best quarterback recruits in the nation–he had already started football practice at Louisiana State–as well as a top student made him one of the most difficult signing decisions in this draft, and many observers doubted the Dodgers' ability to sign him.

Baseball America has not been able to confirm Lee's bonus yet, but it is believed to be more than $3 million.
UPDATE: Lee signed for a $5.25 million bonus, which can be spread out over five years because he's a two-sport athlete.

Baseball America also confirmed that the Marlins signed their first-rounder, California high school outfielder Christian Yelich, for $1.7 million. He was set to go to Miami if he didn't sign.

We'll continue to update signings throughout the night.