Better Late Than Never

For the hardcore seamheads still following the draft into the late rounds tonight, it might seem like a trivial task at this point. Rarely are these picks in the 30s and 40s signed, and without the draft-and-follow process, there’s no longer an ability to retain their rights if they choose to go to a junior college.But some teams like to use these picks on promising high school players that they might want to foster some sort of familiarity with. By chance the player continues his development and becomes a potential high pick in three years, a team that has drafted them previously might have an edge on evaluating that player down the road. If nothing else, it’s a case where a scout on the team’s staff can get to know the player and perhaps forge an informal friendship. In three years, maybe the player is more willing to communicate with the scout or the team.

A lot of relatives of current and former players and scouts and front-office personnel are also taken in these rounds, as somewhat of a tribute to that relative’s service to the organization.