And The Flood Begins

We'll have more detail on these through the night and into tomorrow, but here's what we're hearing right now on players other than Bryce Harper:

–The Rockies signed first-round pick Kyle Parker for a $1.4 million bonus.

–The Blue Jays signed second-round pick Griffin Murphy for $800,000.

–The Cardinals signed first-round pick Zack Cox to a major league deal.

–The Orioles signed first-round pick Manny Machado

–The Padres did NOT sign first-round pick Karsten Whitson, who will attend Florida

–The Indians signed third-round pick Tony Wolters for $1.35 million.

–The Mariners did NOT sign third-round pick Ryne Stanek.

–The Indians signed second-round pick LeVon Washington for $1.2 million.

–The Rays signed first-round pick Josh Sale for $1.62 million and supplemental first-rounder Drew Vettleson for $845,000