2018 Top 200 MLB Draft Prospects Chat

Carlos Collazo: Welcome to our first draft chat of 2018 everyone! Thanks for stopping by, submitting your questions and being as excited about the MLB Draft (still 143 days away from now) as we are around the BA office. Before we jump into everything just know that in addition to this chat, you can get the most inside info on the draft by subscribing to Baseball America. That gets you the complete top 200 list and we also released a To-Do List for the first round talents (1-31) that gives you over 4,000 words about what the top prospects still have to prove or show this spring. With that, let's jump into the chat. Thanks again for joining!

J.P. (Springfield, IL): At this point, would you consider the class of '18 crop as a whole below, at, or above last year's in terms of ceiling? Thanks for chatting, Carlos.

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