2014 Draft Order And Essential Information

This is the order of selection for the 2014 draft, scheduled for June 5-7. The first round will be televised on MLB Network, live from its studios in Secaucus, N.J., beginning at 6 p.m. on June 5. The first night will include the first two rounds and the supplemental rounds that follow. The second day will begin at 1 p.m. on June 6 and will cover rounds three-10, and the final day on June 7 will also begin at 1 p.m. and will cover rounds 11-40.

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Players who live in and/or attend school in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico (and other territories of the United States) who have never signed an Organized Baseball contract are eligible for the draft. Eligible players include graduating high school seniors, junior college players (regardless of how many years of school they have completed), and four-year college players who have either completed their junior or senior years or are at least 21 years old.

Clubs generally have until 11:59 PM Eastern on August 15 to sign players, or until the player enters, or returns to, a four-year college. A player who is drafted and does not sign may be taken again at a future draft if he is eligible. A club may not pick that player again unless the player consents to it. A player who is eligible to be selected but isn’t becomes a free agent and may sign with any club.

Teams pick in reverse order of their 2013 winning percentage, with ties broken by winning percentage from the 2012 season. Adjustments are made for clubs that sign and lose free agents, clubs that failed to sign picks from the first three rounds of last year's draft, and small-market or small-revenue clubs that received supplemental selections in a lottery last summer.

Teams that sign a compensation-eligible free agent (who was with his previous team for the entire 2013 season) lose their first-round pick--unless it is one of the first 10 picks, in which case the team loses its next pick (whether in a supplemental round or the second round). Those picks are no longer awarded as compensation to the player’s former team, so the second round will actually have fewer than 30 picks this year. The free agent's former team receives a compensation pick at the end of the first round, with these choices coming in reverse order of the 2013 standings.

Teams that failed to sign players from the first three rounds of the 2013 draft receive extra selections in this year’s draft. The compensation pick for unsigned players from the first two rounds (including supplemental) comes one pick later in the rotation than last year’s selection. For example, the Blue Jays didn’t sign righthander Phil Bickford, the 10th overall pick last year, so they receive an extra selection at No. 11 overall this year. Teams that failed to sign players out of the third round last year receive a supplemental pick after the third round this year.

Supplemental “competitive balance” selections are awarded to teams after the first and second rounds. Teams that have the 10 lowest revenues or that play in the 10 smallest markets are eligible for those selections, which were awarded last summer in a lottery (weighted by winning percentage). Six supplemental picks were awarded after the first round, and the clubs that did not get one of those picks entered a second lottery for six supplemental picks after the second round. These 12 picks are the only draft picks that can be traded, and in fact two of them were obtained in trades last year, as explained in the notes.

The draft order still isn’t set in stone because free agent Kendrys Morales remains unsigned. The Mariners’ situation is further complicated by their signing of Robinson Cano; even if they gained a pick for Morales, they would lose it for Cano. If Morales does not sign, the Mariners will lose their second-rounder for signing Cano. For these purposes, we are assuming that Morales will not sign before the draft. If that changes we will update the order.

Picks denoted with a cross (†) are competitive balance selections. Picks denoted with an asterisk (*) are explained in the notes below, as are selections lost due to the signing of free agents. The order of rotation for the fourth round and beyond will be the same as the third round.

First Round Supp. First Second Round Supp. Second Third Round Supp. Third
1. Astros 35. Rockies† 42. Astros 69. D’backs†* 75. Astros 105. Marlins*
2. Marlins 36. Marlins* 43. Marlins 70. D’backs† 76. Marlins
3. White Sox 37. Astros†* 44. White Sox 71. Cardinals† 77. White Sox
4. Cubs 38. Indians† 45. Cubs 72. Rays† 78. Cubs
5. Twins 39. Pirates†* 46. Twins 73. Pirates† 79. Twins
6. Mariners 40. Royals† 47. Phillies 74. Mariners† 80. Mariners
7. Phillies 41. Brewers† 48. Rockies 81. Phillies
8. Rockies 49. Blue Jays 82. Rockies
9. Blue Jays 50. Brewers 83. Blue Jays
10. Mets 51. Padres 84. Mets
11. Blue Jays* 52. Giants 85. Brewers
12. Brewers 53. Angels 86. Padres
13. Padres 54. D’backs 87. Giants
14. Giants 55. Yankees 88. Angels
15. Angels 56. Royals 89. D’backs
16. D’backs 57. Nationals 90. Orioles
17. Royals 58. Reds 91. Yankees
18. Nationals 59. Rangers 92. Royals
19. Reds 60. Rays 93. Nationals
20. Rays 61. Indians 94. Reds
21. Indians 62. Dodgers 95. Rangers
22. Dodgers 63. Tigers 96. Rays
23. Tigers 64. Pirates 97. Indians
24. Pirates 65. Athletics 98. Dodgers
25. Athletics 66. Braves 99. Tigers
26. Red Sox 67. Red Sox 100. Pirates
27. Cardinals 68. Cardinals 101. Athletics
28. Royals* 102. Braves
29. Reds* 103. Red Sox
30. Rangers* 104. Cardinals
31. Indians*
32. Braves*
33. Red Sox*
34. Cardinals*

First Round Notes

Picks Lost For Signing Free Agents: Braves (Ervin Santana), Orioles (Ubaldo Jimenez), Rangers (Shin-Soo Choo), Yankees (Brian McCann; Yankees also gained two selections for losing free agents Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson, but lost them for signing Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury).

11. Blue Jays: Compensation for failure to sign 2013 first-rounder Phil Bickford.

28. Royals: Compensation for loss of free agent Ervin Santana.

29. Reds: Compensation for loss of free agent Shin-Soo Choo.

30. Rangers: Compensation for loss of free agent Nelson Cruz.

31. Indians: Compensation for loss of free agent Ubaldo Jimenez.

32. Braves: Compensation for loss of free agent Brian McCann.

33. Red Sox: Compensation for loss of free agent Jacoby Ellsbury.

34. Cardinals: Compensation for loss of free agent Carlos Beltran.

Supplemental First Round Notes

36. Marlins: Compensation for failure to sign 2013 supplemental first-rounder Matt Krook.

37. Astros: Pick obtained from Orioles in trade.

39. Pirates: Pick obtained from Marlins in trade.

Second Round Note

Picks Lost For Signing Free Agents: Mariners (Robinson Cano), Mets (Curtis Granderson), Orioles (Nelson Cruz).

Supplemental Second Round Note

69. Diamondbacks: Pick obtained from Padres in trade.

Supplemental Third Round Note

105. Marlins: Compensation for failure to sign 2013 third-rounder Ben DeLuzio.