2013 State Draft Report: Upper New England

New Hampshire was the hot spot in Upper New England this spring with some interesting, if risky arms coming out of two Division II programs, Franklin Pierce and Southern New Hampshire. The region, which also includes Maine and Vermont, has a few other interesting college prospects but little to nothing on the high school side.

***** One for the books
**** Banner year
*** Solid, not spectacular
** Not up to par
* Nothing to see here
Rating compares this year’s group to what a state typically produces, not to other states

Franklin Pierce made it to the Division II College World Series, largely on the back of righthander Trevor Graham. He is not as good a prospect as lefthander Steven Hathaway, but he has three average pitches that he throws for strikes. In 110 innings, Graham was 10-2, 1.63 with 123 strikeouts and 21 walks.

The most notable prospect of the remaining crop is Dartmouth lefty Mitch Horacek, who can run his fastball up to 92 mph with solid secondary stuff and a durable frame at 6-foot-5, 215 pounds. He went 6-2, 2.20 in eight starts with 42 strikeouts and 10 walks.

BA 500 Scouting Reports

1. Steven Hathaway, LHP, Franklin Pierce (N.H.) (National Rank: 380)
2. David Gibson, RHP, Southern New Hampshire (National Rank: 497)


3. Ryan Thompson, RHP, Franklin Pierce (N.H.)
4. Alex Powers, RHP, Southern New Hampshire
5. Kevin McGowan, RHP, Franklin Pierce (N.H.)
6. Trevor Graham, RHP, Franklin Pierce (N.H.)
7. Mitch Horacek, LHP, Dartmouth
8. Cole Sulser, RHP, Dartmouth
9. Zach Mathieu, 1B, Franklin Pierce (N.H.)
10. Mike Fransoso, SS, Maine