2013 State Draft Report: California

When people think of baseball in California, they typically think of Southern California, but for the third year in a row, Northern California is just as good as SoCal for top-end talent, if not better.

***** One for the books
**** Banner year
*** Solid, not spectacular
** Not up to par
* Nothing to see here
Rating compares this year’s group to what a state typically produces, not to other states

It doesn't hurt that Stanford ace righthander Mark Appel returned to school for his senior season. But Northern California has plenty to offer in addition to one of the draft's best pitchers. There are physical specimens with enticing tools like Stanford outfielder Austin Wilson and Fresno State outfielder Aaron Judge, two potential first-round pitchers in the Bay Area in San Francisco righthander Alex Balog and prep lefthander Matt Krook, and the draft's best lefthanded power from prep first baseman Rowdy Tellez.

The Southern California class is solid, led by a quintet of potential first-round picks. Kris Bryant emerged this spring as one of the region’s best power prospects in years, with longtime scouts comparing his bat to Mark McGwire’s. The high school and college ranks feature a good blend of power arms from both sides, promising corner bats and a few up-the-middle athletes, led by the best shortstop prospect in this draft, J.P. Crawford. And there is plenty of depth, as usual. No other state comes close to competing with California in sheer numbers of players contributed to the draft.

BA 500 Scouting Reports

1. Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford (National Rank: 2)
2. Kris Bryant, 3B/RHP, San Diego (National Rank: 3)
3. Dominic Smith, 1B, JSerra HS, Gardena, Calif. (National Rank: 14)
4. J.P. Crawford, SS, Lakewood (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 15)
5. Ian Clarkin, LHP, Madison HS, San Diego (National Rank: 17)
6. Phil Bickford, RHP, Oaks Christian HS, Westlake Village, Calif. (National Rank: 20)
7. Austin Wilson, OF, Stanford (National Rank: 29)
8. Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno State (National Rank: 30)
9. Alex Balog, RHP, San Francisco (National Rank: 32)
10. Matt Krook, LHP, St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco (National Rank: 42)
11. Andrew Thurman, INF/RHP, UC Irvine (National Rank: 44)
12. Michael Lorenzen, OF, Cal State Fullerton (National Rank: 52)
13. Blake Taylor, LHP, Dana Hills HS, Dana Point, Calif. (National Rank: 55)
14. Rowdy Tellez, 1B, Elk Grove (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 59)
15. Jordan Paroubeck, OF, Serra HS, San Mateo, Calif. (National Rank: 64)
16. Dom Nunez, C, Elk Grove (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 65)
17. Chandler Eden, RHP, Yuba City (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 70)
18. Andrew Knapp, INF, California (National Rank: 71)
19. A.J. Vanegas, RHP, Stanford (National Rank: 78)
20. Ryan McMahon, 3B, Mater Dei HS, Santa Ana, Calif. (National Rank: 82)
21. Carlos Salazar, RHP, Kerman (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 93)
22. Aaron Brown, LHP, Pepperdine (National Rank: 99)
23. Stephen Gonsalves, LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego (National Rank: 107)
24. Trae Arbet, SS, Great Oak HS, Temecula, Calif. (National Rank: 114)
25. Jacob Nottingham, C, Redlands (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 115)
26. Jake Sweaney, C, Garces HS, Bakersfield, Calif. (National Rank: 116)
27. Chris Rivera, SS, El Dorado HS, Placentia, Calif. (National Rank: 119)
28. Dylan Covey, RHP/OF, San Diego (National Rank: 133)
29. Brian Ragira, 1B, Stanford (National Rank: 142)
30. Nick Vander Tuig, RHP, UCLA (National Rank: 145)
31. John Riley, C, Willow Glen HS, San Jose, Calif. (National Rank: 150)
32. Chance Sisco, C, Temescal Canyon HS, Lake Elsinore, Calif. (National Rank: 151)
33. Scott Frazier, RHP, Pepperdine (National Rank: 160)
34. Chris Kohler, LHP, Los Osos HS, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. (National Rank: 168)
35. Tyler Wade, SS, Murrieta Valley HS, Murrieta, Calif. (National Rank: 169)
36. Jake Bauers, 1B, Marina HS, Huntington Beach, Calif. (National Rank: 173)
37. Adam Plutko, RHP/OF, UCLA (National Rank: 179)
38. Chase Johnson, RHP, Cal Poly (National Rank: 183)
39. Gosuke Katoh, 2B, Rancho Bernardo (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 189)
40. Reed Reilly, RHP/OF, Cal Poly (National Rank: 191)
41. Michael Wagner, RHP, San Diego (National Rank: 192)
42. Jeremy Martinez, C, Mater Dei HS, Santa Ana, Calif. (National Rank: 226)
43. Daulton Jefferies, rhp, Buhach Colony HS, Atwater, Calif. (National Rank: 228)
44. Kevin Franklin, 3B, Gahr HS, Cerritos, Calif. (National Rank: 232)
45. Ryan Olson, RHP, Western Christian HS, Upland, Calif. (National Rank: 252)
46. Tyler Cohen, RHP, Agoura (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 253)
47. Gabe Speier, LHP, Dos Pueblos HS, Goleta, Calif. (National Rank: 265)
48. Jason Martin, of, Orange (Calif.) Lutheran HS (National Rank: 271)
49. Trey Williams, 3B, JC of the Canyons (Calif.) (National Rank: 276)
50. Tyler Mahle, RHP, Westminster (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 281)
51. Philip Walby, RHP, San Diego State (National Rank: 282)
52. Scott Brattvet, RHP, Cal State Bakersfield (National Rank: 283)
53. David Denson, 1B, South Hills, HS, West Covina, Calif. (National Rank: 285)
54. Jack Bray, RHP, Feather River (Calif.) JCc (National Rank: 288)
55. Jack Ross, OF, Palma HS, Salinas, Calif. (National Rank: 289)
56. Trevor Frank, RHP, UC Riverside (National Rank: 294)
57. Jimmy Allen, 3B, Cal Poly (National Rank: 300)
58. Brandon Trinkwon, SS, UC Santa Barbara (National Rank: 307)
59. Tyler Kuresa, 1B, UC Santa Barbara (National Rank: 311)
60. Jonah Arenado, 3B, El Toro HS, Lake Forest, Calif. (National Rank: 312)
61. Michael Swanner, RHP, Pepperdine (National Rank: 324)
62. Josh Adams, OF, Pleasant Grove HS, Elk Grove, Calif. (National Rank: 329)
63. Kenny Mathews, LHP, Riverside (Calif.) CC (National Rank: 333)
64. Colton Plaia, C, Loyola Marymount (National Rank: 334)
65. Shane Carle, RHP, Long Beach State (National Rank: 340)
66. Blake Grant-Parks, C, Sierra (Calif.) JC (National Rank: 341)
67. David Armendariz, OF, Cal Poly (National Rank: 345)
68. Michael Hill, SS, Long Beach State (National Rank: 346)
69. Chad Wallach, C, Cal State Fullerton (National Rank: 347)
70. Tyler Alamo, C, Cypress (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 348)
71. Francis Christy, C, Casa Grande HS, Petaluma, Calif. (National Rank: 353)
72. Lonnie Kauppila, SS, Stanford (National Rank: 361)
73. Arden Pabst, C, Harvard-Westlake HS, Studio City, Calif. (National Rank: 362)
74. Austin Grebeck, OF, Mater Dei HS, Santa Ana, Calif. (National Rank: 367)
75. Dominique Taylor, OF, UC Irvine (National Rank: 372)
76. Zack Weiss, RHP, UCLA (National Rank: 381)
77. Michael Holback, RHP, Cal Poly (National Rank: 382)
78. Willie Calhoun, 2B, Benicia (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 386)
79. Jonah Wesely, LHP, Tracy (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 389)
80. Paul Paez, LHP, Rio Hondo (Calif.) JC (National Rank: 391)
81. Cael Brockmeyer, C, Cal State Bakersfield (National Rank: 393)
82. Jeff McNeil, SS/OF, Long Beach State (National Rank: 396)
83. David Fletcher, SS, Cypress (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 399)
84. Tyler Shryock, SS, Cal State Bakersfield (National Rank: 400)
85. Corey Dempster, OF, Loyola HS, Los Angeles (National Rank: 401)
86. Derrick Penilla, LHP, Mount San Antonio (Calif.) JC (National Rank: 414)
87. Ryan Miller, C, San Bernardino Valley (Calif.) JC (National Rank: 417)
88. Morgan Earman, RHP, Desert Christian Academy, Bermuda Dunes, Calif. (National Rank: 420)
89. Billy Roth, RHP, Vista (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 421)
90. Steven Farinaro, RHP, Head Royce HS, Oakland (National Rank: 423)
91. Jeff Paschke, RHP/3B, Santa Barbara (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 426)
92. Connor Brogdon, RHP, Brentwood HS, Bakersfield, Calif. (National Rank: 430)
93. Conner Greene, RHP, Santa Monica (Calif.) HS (National Rank: 446)
94. Pat Valaika, SS, UCLA (National Rank: 448)
95. Tyler Linehan, LHP, Fresno State (National Rank: 450)
96. Ryan Deeter, RHP, UCLA (National Rank: 452)
97. Jared Wilson, RHP, UC Santa Barbara (National Rank: 455)
98. David Andriese, OF, UC Riverside (National Rank: 466)
99. Trevor Bayless, RHP, San Diego (National Rank: 471)
100. Justin Higley, OF, Sacramento State (National Rank: 472)
101. Chasen Ford, RHP, El Toro HS, Lake Forest, Calif. (National Rank: 473)
102. James Roberts, 3B, Southern California (National Rank: 483)
103. Brenton Allen, OF, UCLA (National Rank: 484)
104. Jake Romanski, C/RHP, San Diego State (National Rank: 485)
105. Gavin Collins, C, El Toro HS, Lake Forest, Calif. (National Rank: 489)
106. Luke Lanphere, RHP, Citrus Valley HS, Redlands, Calif. (National Rank: 491)


107. Dane McFarland, OF, Jserra HS, San Juan Capistrano, Calif.
108. Justin Bohn, SS, Feather River (Calif.) JC
109. Brandon Evans, OF, Oaks Christian Hs, Westlake Village, Calif.
110. Chris Viall, RHP, Soquel (Calif.) HS
111. Cortland Cox, RHP, Riverside (Calif.) CC
112. Greg Harris, RHP, Aliso Niguel HS, Aliso Viejo, Calif.
113. Henry Baker, LHP, Agoura (Calif.) HS
114. Adrian De Horta, RHP, South Hills HS, West Covina, Calif.
115. Cole Swanson, LHP, Concordia (Calif.)
116. Joseph Corrigan, OF/1B, Harvard-Westlake HS, Studio City, Calif.
117. Andrew Wright, LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego
118. Andrew Cooper, RHP, Sierra (Calif.) JC
119. Alex Palsha, RHP, JC of San Mateo
120. Austin Wynns, C, Fresno State
121. Kort Peterson, OF, St. Francis HS, Mountain View, Calif.
122. Cameron Pongs, LHP, Mount San Antonio (Calif.) JC
123. Trent Paddon, RHP, Yorba Linda (Calif.) HS
124. Richy Pedroza, SS, Cal State Fullerton
125. Timmy Richards, SS, Wilson HS, Long Beach, Calif.
126. Andrew Nelson, RHP, Cuesta (Calif.) JC
127. Austin Green, C, San Diego
128. Keaton Leach, RHP, Glendale (Calif.) CC
129. A.J. Balta, 2B, Valencia (Calif.) HS
130. James Dykstra, RHP, Cal State San Marcos
131. Tommy Nance, RHP, Santa Clara
132. Jason Alexander, RHP, Santa Rosa (Calif.) JC
133. Ben Griset, LHP, St. Mary’s
134. Jake Hernandez, C, Southern California
135. Dillon Haupt, C, San Diego
136. Justin Jones, LHP, California
137. Brett Binning, SS, Monte Vista HS, Danville, Calif.
138. Jack Klein, OF, St. Ignatius HS, San Francisco
139. Kyle Hooper, RHP, UC Irvine
140. Anthony Hawkins, OF, Fresno CC
141. Ryan Luna, RHP, Fresno CC
142. Trent Shelton, LHP, Campolindo HS, Moraga, Calif.
143. Jordan Haseltine, RHP, San Francisco
144. Aaron Griffin, RHP, Loyola Marymount
145. Eric Filia, OF, UCLA
146. Luke Persico, OF, Great Oak HS, Temecula, Calif.
147. Hunter Simmons, OF, St. Francis HS, Mountain View, Calif.
148. Dominic Miroglio, C, Bishop O’Dowd HS, Oakland
149. Danny Diekroeger, 2B, Stanford
150. Andre Gregory, SS, Jesuit HS, Carmichael, Calif.
151. Michael Perri, SS, Bishop O’Dowd HS, Oakland
152. Trevin Haseltine, RHP, Wood HS, Vacaville, Calif.
153. Dempsey Grover, C, Beyer HS, Modesto, Calif.
154. Ryan Kirby, OF, Granada HS, Livermore, Calif.
155. Ricky McColloch, SS, Merced (Calif.) JC
156. Joe Mello, RHP, Chabot (Calif.) JC
157. Alex Turner, OF, Santa Monica (Calif.) HS
158. Matthew Kimmel, OF, Azusa Pacific (Calif.)
159. Tanner Kiest, RHP, Riverside (Calif.) CC
160. Seve Romo, 2B/RHP, El Dorado HS, Placentia, Calif.
161. Elliott Barzilli, SS, Pacific Palisades (Calif.) HS
162. Jeff McKenzie, LHP, Cal State Bakersfield
163. Billy Flamion, LHP, Grossmont (Calif.) CC
164. Brad Haynal, C, San Diego State
165. Robbie Tenerowicz, 3B, Campolindo HS, Moraga, Calif.
166. Marcus Vidales, OF, Pioneer HS, Woodland, Calif.
167. Marco Pierce, RHP, Clovis West HS, Fresno
168. Zack Aukes, LHP, Pioneer HS, Woodland, Calif.
169. Jon Maciel, RHP, Long Beach State
170. Jordan Mills, LHP, St. Mary’s
171. Trent Garrison, C/1B, Fresno State
172. Amalani Fukofuka, OF, Logan HS, Union City, Calif.
173. Hunter Mercado-Hood, OF, De La Salle HS, Concord, Calif.
174. Aaron Knapp, OF, Granite Bay (Calif.) HS
175. Brett Stephens, OF, Campolindo HS, Moraga, Calif.
176. Stephen Kane, RHP, Cypress (Calif.) JC
177. Eric Karch, RHP, Pepperdine
178. Louie Lechich, LHP/OF, San Diego
179. Ivory Thomas, OF, Cal State Dominguez Hills
180. Logan Scott, RHP, California
181. Tanner Mendonca, RHP, Sacramento State
182. Denver Chavez, 2B, Cal Poly
183. Jack Morello, RHP, Notre Dame HS, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
184. Miles Williams, OF, Cal State Northridge
185. Spencer Jack, RHP, Glendale (Calif.) CC
186. Hunter Greenwood, RHP, Sacramento State
187. Scott Harkin, SS/RHP, Sonoma State (Calif.)
188. Harley Holt, RHP, Cal State Northridge
189. Brian Carroll, OF, UCLA
190. Daniel Schuknecht, C/OF, Riverside (Calif.) CC
191. Jordan Sechler, LHP, Cal State Los Angeles
192. Andrew Ayers, 2B, Sacramento State
193. Mikey Wright, RHP, Elk Grove (Calif.) HS
194. Adam Cimber, RHP, San Francisco
195. Abe Bobb, RHP, San Francisco
196. Zach Zehner, OF, Santa Barbara (Calif.) CC
197. Chris Carlson, OF, Cal Poly Pomona
198. Orlando Meza, RHP, Great Oak HS, Temecula, Calif.
199. Parker Bugg, RHP, Rancho Bernardo (Calif.) HS
200. Ronnie Shaeffer, C, UC Irvine
201. Kevin Williams, 2B, UCLA
202. Nick Lynch, 1B, UC Davis
203. Mike Couch, RHP, Santa Clara
204. Glenn Wallace, RHP, Sonoma State (Calif.)
205. Andrew O’Brien, RHP, Corona (Calif.) HS
206. Kevin Maxey, OF, Cerro Coso (Calif.) JC
207. Harmen Sidhu, RHP, Sonoma State (Calif.)
208. Joe Winterburn, C, UC Santa Barbara
209. Kyle Ferramola, RHP, Cal State Northridge
210. Ethan Miller, RHP, San Diego State
211. Bret Dahlson, RHP, Loyola Marymount
212. Corey Miller, RHP, Pepperdine
213. Ryan Doran, RHP, San Diego State
214. Joey Wagman, RHP, Cal Poly
215. Max Valencia, LHP, San Joaquin Delta (Calif.) JC
216. Haden Hinkle, RHP, San Francisco
217. Jack Kruger, c, Oaks Christian HS, Westlake Village, Calif.