2008 Draft Order

After the 2007 draft featured 34 supplemental first-round draft picks, blowing away the previous record of 22 in 1997, this year’s sandwich round won’t be nearly as long. There have been just 15 supplemental first-rounders doled out to teams thus far, with the potential for three more if Type B free agents Livan Hernandez (Diamondbacks), Mike Piazza and Shannon Stewart (both Athletics) sign with new clubs.

Similarly, very few first-rounders have changed hands. Six teams surrendered their top picks a year ago to sign Type A free agents, but just two have done so this year. The Braves gave the No. 18 choice to the Mets for Tom Glavine, while the Angels handed the No. 27 selection to the Twins for Torii Hunter. Three other clubs signed Type A free agents (those ranked in the top 20 percent at their position; Type Bs are in the 21-40 percent group) but their first-rounders were protected because they come in the first half of the round. Those teams—the Giants, Reds and White Sox—lost their second-rounders instead.

The Twins own three of the first 31 picks in the draft, while the Mets and Brewers will each make three selections in the top 35. Milwaukee also has received two of the top eight second-rounders as compensation and retains its own choice in that round. The Padres will pick three times before the second round, and the A’s will if they lose both Piazza and Stewart.


1. Rays

2. Pirates

3. Royals

4. Orioles

5. Giants

6. Marlins

7. Reds

8. White Sox

9. Nationals

10. Astros

11. Rangers

12. Athletics

13. Cardinals

14. Twins

15. Dodgers

16. Brewers

17. Blue Jays

18. Braves

19. Cubs

20. Mariners

21. Tigers

22. Mets

23. Padres

24. Phillies

25. Rockies

26. Diamondbacks

27. Angels

28. Yankees

29. Indians

30. Red Sox


18.    Mets (from Braves for Type A free agent Tom Glavine)

27.    Twins (from Angels for Type A free agent Torii Hunter)


31.    Twins (for Hunter)

32.    Brewers (for Type A free agent Franciso Cordero to Reds)

33.    Mets (for Glavine)

34.    Phillies (for Type A free agent Aaron Rowand to Giants)

35.    Brewers (for Type A free agent Scott Linebrink to White Sox)

36.    Royals (for Type B free agent David Riske to Royals)

37.    Giants (for Type B free agent Pedro Feliz to Phillies)

38.    Astros (for Type B free agent Trever Miller to Rays)

—     Athletics (if Type B free agents Mike Piazza or Shannon Stewart sign elsewhere)

39.    Cardinals (for Type B free agent Troy Percival to Rays)

40.    Braves (for Type B free agent Ron Mahay to Royals)

41.    Cubs (for Type B free agent Jason Kendall to Brewers)

42.    Padres (for Type B free agent Mike Cameron to Brewers)

—     Diamondbacks (if Type B free agent Livan Hernandez signs elsewhere)

43.    Yankees (for Type B free agent Luis Vizcaino to Rockies)

44.    Red Sox (for Type B free agent Eric Gagne to Brewers)

—     Athletics (if both Piazza and Stewart sign elsewhere)

45.    Padres (for Type B free agent Doug Brocail to Astros)


50.    Phillies (for Rowand)

52.    Brewers (for Cordero)

53.    Brewers (for Linebrink)

69a.    Braves (for failure to sign 2007 second-rounder Joshua Fields)


84a.    Red Sox (for failure to sign 2007 second-rounder Hunter Morris)


108.    Phillies (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Brandon Workman)

109.    Astros (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Derek Dietrich)

110.    Padres (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Tommy Toledo)

111.    Angels (for failure to sign 2007 third-rounder Matt Harvey)