2006 Draft Order

After gaining the highest draft pick in their history just a year ago, the Royals will have the first overall pick in the 2006 draft, scheduled for June 6-7. The Rockies chose second last year but their .346 winning percentage’"the worst in club history and the lowest mark among major league clubs by a wide margin’"secured the top pick. Teams draft in the reverse order of their 2005 finish.

The order in the second half of the first round and in succeeding rounds has been adjusted for Type A and Type B free-agent signings, with the club that lost a ranked free agent gaining a draft pick as compensation. Teams that lost a Type A free agent have been further compensated with a supplemental pick between the first and second rounds.

The Dodgers will reap two extra picks for the loss of Type A free agent Jeff Weaver (Angels), getting one late in the first round and another at the start of the supplemental first round. The Braves, with two supplemental picks and two extra second-round picks, and Red Sox, with two supplemental picks and an extra third-rounder, also will come out ahead in this year’™s draft.

On the flip side, the Cubs will forfeit their second-, third- and fourth-round picks after signing free agents Bobby Howry, Scott Eyre and Jacque Jones. The Giants, after surrendering their first three picks a year ago, won’™t pick in the second or third rounds.

Here is the rotation with adjustments for this year’™s draft.

First Round
1. Royals
2. Rockies
3. Devil Rays
4. Pirates
5. Mariners
6. Tigers
7. Dodgers
8. Reds
9. Orioles
10. Giants
11. Diamondbacks
12. Rangers
13. Cubs
14. Blue Jays
15. Nationals
16. Brewers
17. Padres
18. Phillies (from Mets for Type A Billy Wagner)
19. Marlins
20. Twins
21. Yankees (from Phillies for Type A Tom Gordon)
22. Nationals (from Athletics for Type B Esteban Loaiza)
23. Astros
24. Braves
25. Angels (from Indians for Type B Paul Byrd)
26. Dodgers (from Angels for Type A Jeff Weaver)
27. Red Sox
28. Red Sox (from Yankees for Type A Johnny Damon)
29. White Sox
30. Cardinals

Supplemental First Round
31. Dodgers (for Weaver)
32. Orioles (for Type A B.J. Ryan)
33. Giants (for Type A Scott Eyre)
34. Diamondbacks (for Type A Tim Worrell)
35. Padres (for Type A Ramon Hernandez)
36. Marlins (for Type A A.J. Burnett)
37. Phillies (for Wagner)
38. Braves (for Type A Kyle Farnsworth)
39. Indians (for Type A Bob Howry)
40. Red Sox (for Damon)
41. Yankees (for Gordon)
42. Cardinals (for Type A Matt Morris)
43. Braves (for Type A Rafael Furcal)
44. Red Sox (for Type A Bill Mueller)

Second-Round Adjustments
51. Braves (from Dodgers for Furcal)
53. Padres (from Orioles for Hernandez)
54. Cardinals (from Giants for Morris)
56. Indians (from Rangers for Type B Kevin Millwood)
57. Indians (from Cubs for Howry)
58. Orioles (from Blue Jays for Ryan)
70. Nationals (from Angels for Type B Hector Carrasco)
72. Braves (from Yankees for Farnsworth)

Supplemental Second Round
75. Indians (for Type C Scott Elarton)
76. Cardinals (for Type C Abraham Nunez)

Third-Round Adjustments
83. Red Sox (from Dodgers for Mueller)
86. Diamondbacks (from Giants for Worrell)
89. Giants (from Cubs for Eyre)
90. Marlins (from Blue Jays for Burnett)

Fourth-Round Adjustment
119. Twins (from Cubs for Type B Jacque Jones)