Walks Kill

CORAL GABLES, Fla.–It’s a well-known fact in baseball that walks kill, and tonight is no exception to the rule. Arizona pitchers have now walked 13 batters in the game, and in turn have given up 12 runs through seven innings. Wildcat pitchers have also consistently fallen behind Hurricane hitters throughout the game. When you’re facing one of the nation’s top offensive clubs, that is a recipe for disaster. Miami has capitalized, hitting four home runs already this evening.

Speaking of home runs, Arizona just hit its first long ball of the night as right fielder Jon Gaston drove a David Gutierrez pitch deep over the right-center-field wall.

After 11 innings last night and with six total pitchers already making appearances in this game, both teams’ bullpens are depleted. Arizona still has first-round draft pick Daniel Schlereth available for tonight’s game, but Schlereth has recently been pitching through pain and the Arizona coaching staff will most likely not use him in this game unless absolutely necessary.

It’s 12-9 Miami heading into the eighth.

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