Victor Roache Hopes To Swing Before Draft

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After breaking his left wrist diving for a ball in late February, Georgia Southern outfielder Victor Roache no longer has a cast on his wrist and is working to hopefully pick up a bat before draft day

"I'm going to rehab three times a week now, working with a certified hand therapist," Roache said May 9. "I go back to the doctor May 16th to have another follow-up and see how it's doing and see from there what the next step of my rehab will be. It's going good. Every time I go to the therapist, I'm making progress."

Roache, who led Division I hitters with 30 home runs in 2011, broke his radius three inches up from the wrist and dislocated the ulna bone. On the radial side, the doctors put in a plate with six screws and put two pins on the outside to hold everything in place. The pins were removed when Roache got his cast off on April 18.

Since then, Roache has been working to get his full range of motion back. The pins didn't allow him to move his wrist at all, so it was very stiff when he first got the cast off. Once he gets his full range of motion back, he'll work to get his strength back and then he'll be able to start swinging the bat again.

It's still unclear whether or not he'll be able to do that before the draft.

"There's not a definite time table," Roache said. "I just know the first month is range of motion and the second month I can start strengthening it. I'm just hoping from the time I got my cast off, a month and a half from then I'm strengthening it back up and maybe picking up a bat. But the main thing is just don't rush it."

Even without being able to hit, Roache has continued to run a lot and has been working out a lot and has still been throwing.

Roache already has been invited to a handful of predraft workouts and figures there will be a few more invites as the day gets closer.

"I want to just hit the ground running," Roache said. "I want to be as baseball ready as I can be."