A Look Back At Previous Team USA Rosters

Year First-Round Juniors
2013 10
2012 6
2011 7
2010 6
2009 5
2008 4
2007 3
2006 7
2005 4
2004 9
2003 3
2002 8
2001 4
2000 7

USA Baseball’s College National Team typically boasts a collection of first-round draft picks and this year’s team will likely be no different. Every year scouts like to compare the current year’s talent to the year prior. To avoid those year-to-year vagaries, let’s take a long-term look at the Team USA’s impact on the draft dating back to 2000.

Team USA has averaged nearly six first-round picks (5.93) in its current draft year over the past 14 drafts and the pool expands significantly when considering underclassmen who eventually become first-rounders. The 2004 team, for example, had four underclassmen—Drew Stubbs (No. 8 overall), Luke Hochevar (No. 1), Ian Kennedy (No. 21) and Daniel Bard (No. 28)—who became first-rounders and another who became a supplemental first-rounder (lefthander Cesar Ramos).

The annual draft-eligible production ranged from three on the low end (2003 and 2007) to 10 (last summer).

Last summer’s crop of players was considered above-average at the time, but that undersold just how strong that historic group was in the context of the current draft year. That group set a very high bar for the team from this summer to surpass.

Let’s take a look back at some of most productive Team USA squads from a draft perspective. The full roster for every Team USA squad that produced at least seven first-round picks in the draft eligible season is below. Each roster also contains what round the player was drafted in, if they made it to the big leagues and their career (f)WAR. Two of those teams, 2013 and 2011, are recent and many of the players have yet to matriculate to the major leagues, so that column for major leaguers has been replaced with signing bonus totals.


Pitching typically carries the college crop of first-rounders (accounting for 57 percent of the first-rounders) but a combination of power arms and position player depth is what gave the 2013 team 10 first-rounders. Five of the first seven college position players selected in the 2014 draft were members of Team USA. That group of five first-round position players is second only to the six position players on the 2004 team that had nine first-rounders overall, ranking second behind last year.

The total signing bonuses from last year’s team was more than $33 million, a sum with will increase once potential first-rounder Alex Bregman and hard-throwing righthander Riley Ferrell are selected next June.

Name Pos. School Completed Yr. Draft Round Bonus
Austin Cousino OF Kentucky So. 3 $400,000
Luke Weaver RHP Florida State So. 1.27 $1,843,000
Trea Turner IF North Carolina State So. 1.13 $2,900,000
Michael Conforto OF Oregon State So. 1.1 $2,970,800
Matt Chapman IF Cal State Fullerton So. 1.25 $1,750,000
Skye Bolt OF North Carolina Fr. TBD
Tyler Beede RHP Vanderbilt So. 1.14 $2,613,200
Daniel Mengden RHP/C Texas A&M So. 4 $470,000
Carlos Rodon LHP North Carolina State So. 1.3 $6,582,000
Preston Morrison RHP Texas Christian So. ND
Chris Diaz LHP Miami (Fla.) So. 5 $285,500
Sam Travis IF Indiana So. 2 $846,800
Taylor Sparks IF UC Irvine So. 2 $972,800
David Berg RHP UCLA So. 17*
Ryan Burr RHP Arizona State Fr. TBD
Brandon Finnegan LHP Texas Christian So. 1.17 $2,200,600
Tommy Thorpe LHP Oregon So. 8 $135,000
Alex Bregman IF Louisiana State Fr. TBD
Bradley Zimmer OF San Francisco So. 1.21 $1,900,000
Erick Fedde RHP UNLV So. 1.18 $2,511,100
Riley Ferrell RHP Texas Christian Fr. TBD
Grayson Greiner C South Carolina So. 3 $529,400
Kyle Schwarber C Indiana So. 1.04 $3,125,000
Matt Imhof LHP Cal Poly So. 2 $1,187,900
Total $33,223,100


The 2011 team was a pitching-dominated squad that produced seven first-rounders, including two top five picks (Mark Appel and Kevin Gausman), and two supplemental first-rounders. The squad totaled more than $27 million in signing bonuses.

Name Position College Completed Yr. Draft Round Bonus
Mark Appel RHP Stanford So. 1.01 $6,350,000
DJ Baxendale RHP Arkansas So. 10 $125,000
Josh Elander C/OF Texas Christian So. 6 $166,700
Chris Elder OF Oral Roberts Sr. ND
Dominic Ficociello IF Arkansas Fr. 12 $100,000
Nolan Fontana IF Florida So. 2 $875,000
Kevin Gausman RHP LSU Fr. 1.04 $4,320,000
Brian Johnson LHP/IF Florida So. 1.31 $1,575,000
Branden Kline RHP Virginia So. 2 $793,700
Corey Knebel RHP Texas Fr. 1S $1,433,400
Michael Lorenzen OF Cal State Fullerton Fr. 1S $1,500,000
David Lyon C Kent State Jr. 34 NA
Deven Marrero IF Arizona State So. 1.24 $2,050,000
Hoby Milner LHP Texas So. 7 $140,700
Andrew Mitchell RHP Texas Christian Fr. 4 $413,000
Tom Murphy C Buffalo So. 3 $454,000
Tyler Naquin OF Texas A&M So. 1.15 $1,750,000
Matt Reynolds IF Arkansas So. 2 $525,000
Brady Rodgers RHP Arizona State So. 3 $495,200
Marcus Stroman RHP Duke So. 1.22 $1,800,000
Michael Wacha RHP Texas A&M So. 1.19 $1,900,000
Erich Weiss IF Texas Fr. 11 $305,000
Total $27,071,700


The 2006 team had nine first-rounders and another four that went in the supplemental first. Five players went in the top 10 picks—the three college lefthanders that went in the top six in the 2007 draft (No. 1 David Price, No. 4 Daniel Moskos and No. 6 Ross Detwiler)—and eighth overall pick Casey Weathers and the second overall pick the next year (Pedro Alvarez).

Name Pos. School Completed Yr. Draft Round Big Leagues WAR
Jemile Weeks INF Miami Fr. 1.12 Y 1
Brandon Crawford SS UCLA Fr. 4 Y 6
Julio Borbon OF Tennessee So. 1S Y 1.2
Roger Kieschnick OF Texas Tech Fr. 3 Y -0.7
Preston Clark C Texas Fr. 37*DNS N
Zack Cozart SS Ole Miss So. 2 Y 6.6
David Price LHP Vanderbilt So. 1.01 Y 23.7
Darwin Barney SS Oregon State So. 4 Y 5.8
Daniel Moskos LHP Clemson So. 1.04 Y 0.2
Ross Detwiler LHP Missouri State So. 1.06 Y 3.6
Cole St. Clair LHP Rice So. 7 N
Tim Federowicz C/1B North Carolina Fr. 7 Y -0.2
Nick Hill LHP Army Jr. 7 N
Sean Doolittle LHP/INF Virginia So. 1S Y 5.6
Pedro Alvarez 3B Vanderbilt Fr. 1.02 Y 5.9
Tommy Hunter RHP Alabama Fr. 1S Y 4.3
Nick Schmidt RHP Arkansas So. 1.23 N
Jake Arrieta RHP TCU So. 5 Y 6.3
Todd Frazier SS Rutgers So. 1S Y 10.5
Casey Weathers RHP Vanderbilt Jr. 1.08 N
J.P. Arencibia C Tennessee So. 1.21 Y -0.5
Andrew Brackman RHP North Carolina State So. 1.3 Y 0
Total 17 79.3


The 2004 team could be one of the most talented ever because 16 of the 22 players on the roster went in the first or supplemental first round. It produced nine first-rounders in the 2005 draft, which is considered one of the best drafts in the last two decades. That group includes six of the first nine selections overall. This team differentiated itself with its position players, as six went in the first round, and another two went in the supplemental first (Jed Lowrie and Travis Buck).

The three pitchers on the team who went in the first round all went in the first 10 picks: 2006 No. 1 Luke Hochevar, 2005 No. 6 overall Ricky Romero and 2005 No. 9 overall Mike Pelfrey.

The 22-man roster produced an astounding 19 major league players and 168.7 career WAR primarily on the strength of its position players; Ryan Zimmerman (35.4 WAR), Troy Tulowitzki (34.0) and Alex Gordon (26.4).

Name Pos. School Completed Yr. Draft Round Big Leagues WAR
Daniel Bard RHP North Carolina Fr. 1.28 Y 3.6
Travis Buck OF Arizona State So. 1S Y 2.8
Jeff Clement C USC So. 1.03 Y -0.9
Brent Cox RHP Texas So. 2 N
Trevor Crowe OF Airzona So. 1.14 Y -0.5
Joey Devine RHP NC State So. 1.27 Y 1.6
Alex Gordon IF Nebraska So. 1.02 Y 26.4
Brett Hayes C Nevada So. 2S Y -0.3
Luke Hochevar RHP Tennessee So. 1.01 Y 9.4
Stephen Kahn RHP LMU So. 5 N
Ian Kennedy RHP USC Fr. 1.21 Y 13.8
Jed Lowrie IF Stanford So. 1S Y 10.8
John Mayberry Jr. 1B/OF Stanford So. 1.19 Y 2.2
Mike Pelfrey RHP Wichita State So. 1.09 Y 9.7
Cesar Ramos LHP Long Beach State So. 1S Y 0.5
Mark Romanczuk LHP Stanford So. 4 N
Ricky Romero LHP CS Fullerton So. 1.06 Y 9
Drew Stubbs OF Texas Fr. 1.08 Y 10.7
Taylor Teagarden C Texas So. 3 Y 0.6
Troy Tulowitzki IF Long Beach State So. 1.05 Y 34
Chris Valaika IF UC Santa Barbara Fr. 3 Y -0.1
Ryan Zimmerman IF Virginia So. 1.04 Y 35.4
Total 19 168.7


Ten first-rounders and 17 big leaguers came from the 2002 team, including three top-three selections with 2003’s second and third picks (Rickie Weeks and Kyle Sleeth) and the third overall pick the next year (Phil Humber).

Name Pos. School Completed Yr. Draft Round Big Leagues WAR
Abe Alvarez LHP Long Beach State So. 2 Y -0.4
Michael Aubrey IF Tulane So. 1.11 Y 0.1
Kyle Bakker LHP Georgia Tech So. 20 N
Chad Cordero RHP CS Fullerton So. 1.2 Y 2
Shane Costa OF CS Fullerton So. 2 Y -0.6
Sam Fuld OF Stanford So. 10 Y 4.5
Ryan Garko C Stanford Jr. 3 Y 0.6
Aaron Hill IF LSU So. 1.13 Y 20
Philip Humber RHP Rice Fr. 1.03 Y 2.7
Conor Jackson IF California So. 1.19 Y 3.2
Grant Johnson RHP Notre Dame Fr. 2 N
Mark Jurich OF Louisville So. 13 N
Wes Littleton RHP CS Fullerton So. 4 Y 0.3
Eric Patterson IF Georgia Tech Fr. 8 Y -1
Dustin Pedroia IF Arizona State Fr. 2 Y 38.6
Landon Powell C South Carolina So. 1.24 Y 0.5
Carlos Quentin OF Stanford So. 1.29 Y 9.8
Clint Sammons C Georgia Fr. 6 Y -0.4
Kyle Sleeth RHP Wake Forest So. 1.03 N
Huston Street RHP Texas Fr. 1S Y 11
Brad Sullivan RHP Houston So. 1.25 N
Rickie Weeks IF Southern So. 1.02 Y 17.7
Bob Zimmerman RHP SW Missouri State So. 4 N
Total 17 108.6


The top of the 2001 draft saw Team USA alums come off the board quickly as Mark Prior went second overall, Dewon Brazelton went third, Mark Teixeira went fifth and Josh Karp went sixth. The group includes 14 big leaguers.

Name Pos. School Completed Yr. Draft Round Big Leagues WAR
Jeff Baker IF Clemson Fr. 4 Y 2.4
Chris Burke IF Tennessee So. 1.1 Y 0.7
Kiki Bengochea RHP Miami Fr. 11 N
Patrick Boyd OF Clemson Jr. 7 N
Dewon Brazelton RHP Middle Tenn. State So. 1.03 Y -0.6
Ryan Budde C Oklahoma State So. 12 Y 0
Zane Carlson RHP Baylor Fr. 27 N
Bobby Crosby IF Long Beach State So. 1.25 Y 6.7
Len Dinardo LHP Stetson So. 3 Y 0.8
Jake Gautreau IF Tulane So. 1.14 N
Mike Gosling LHP Stanford So. 2 Y -0.6
Ryan Howard IF SW Missouri State So. 5 Y 19.8
Josh Karp RHP UCLA So. 1.06 N
Richard Lewis IF Georgia Tech So. 1S N
Tim Merritt IF/OF South Alabama So. 3 N
Casey Myers C Arizona State Sr. 9 N
Xavier Nady IF California Jr. 2 Y 4.4
Mark Prior RHP USC So. 1.02 Y 15.4
Anthony Reyes RHP USC Fr. 15 Y 1
Kirk Saarloos RHP CS Fullerton Jr. 3 Y 2
Jon Switzer LHP Arizona State So. 2 Y -0.6
Mark Teixeira IF Georgia Tech So. 1.05 Y 41.6
Total 14 93.0