SKLZ Training Tip of the Week: Long Toss [VIDEO]

This is the fifth in a series of training videos presented by Each Monday the Training Tip of the Week will focus on a specific aspect of baseball training to help you become a better player, from hitting to pitching to baserunning to defense. Our fifth video focuses on the mechanics of long toss. To see all of the videos in the Training Tip of the Week series just go to

The degree to which players, particularly pitchers, should use long toss as part of their training regimens is a hot topic for discussion in baseball circles, but most coaches agree that some form of long toss can be beneficial for any player.

In this week’s SKLZ Training Tip of the Week, former University of North Carolina coach Mike Roberts says that long toss should be a fun part of any training program. Roberts spent 23 years as the coach at North Carolina before coaching one season at North Carolina-Asheville. He is also a longtime coach in the Cape Cod League, with the last 10 years spent as the head coach of the Cotuit Kettleers. He is also the father of longtime Orioles big leaguer Brian Roberts.

Roberts talks about long-toss practice working in three phases, going from throwing from a kneeling position to throwing from a crow hop. The key is to maintain sound fundamentals throughout.

“One of the most important areas to concentrate on is the follow-through,” Roberts says in the video. “To have beautiful follow-through, you’ve got to have great body control.”

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