SKLZ Training Tip of the Week: Hand Path And Position In Hitting [VIDEO]

This is the sixth in a series of training videos presented by Each Monday the Training Tip of the Week will focus on a specific aspect of baseball training to help you become a better player, from hitting to pitching to baserunning to defense. Our sixth video focuses on some of the things players can work on to improve their hitting. To see all of the videos in the Training Tip of the Week series just go to

A lot of factors have to come together for someone to be a successful hitter, but in the final analysis you can’t be successful with the bat without good hands.

In this week’s SKLZ Training Tip of the Week, University of San Diego coach Rich Hill talks to players about how to properly position their hands and carry them through impact to have success at the plate. Hill has been the head coach at USD since 1999, following successful stints and the University of San Francisco and California Lutheran. He played at Cal Lutheran and for one season in the Cardinals organization before beginning his coaching career.

Hill says a successful approach starts with a strong lower hand, and continues with the batter taking the knob of the bat to the ball. Approaching the point of impact, the lower hand should be palm-up, while the upper hand should be palm-down. The idea is to take a relatively flat swing path to the ball.

“Being on plane and on time is huge,” Hill says in the video. “The longer your bat gets through the zone on plane, the better chance you have of squaring up the baseball.”

Hill notes that some big leaguers can get away with a swing that has a pronounced uppercut or hits down on the ball more, but that such players are the exception rather than the rule.

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