SKLZ Training Tip Of The Week: Fielding Drills [VIDEO]

This is the second in a series of training videos presented by Each Monday the Training Tip of the Week will focus on a specific aspect of baseball training to help you become a better player, from hitting to pitching to baserunning to defense. Our second video focuses on some of the things players can work on to improve their defense. To see all of the videos in the Training Tip of the Week series just go to

Players may think that practicing defense requires a group of people and a talent for hitting fungoes, but with the right equipment you can work on fundamental skills with just a couple of people.

In this week’s Training Tip of the Week video, Steve Bernhardt of Baseball Factory goes over a series of drills that focus on developing good footwork and soft hands during infield practice, reinforcing the basic skills that will allow players to make the routine plays consistently. A couple of the drills incorporate the SKLZ Reaction Ball and SKLZ Softhands training aids.

“These drills get players prepared to make the routine plays over and over again,” Berhardt says in the video. “Infielders we’ve seen who work with this kind of drill package have more success come game time.”

The video emphasizes that honing the routine aspects of defense like footwork and glove to hand transfer make better defensive players.

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