SKLZ Training Tip of the Week: Bunting [VIDEO]

This is the third in a series of training videos presented by Each Monday the Training Tip of the Week will focus on a specific aspect of baseball training to help you become a better player, from hitting to pitching to baserunning to defense. Our third video focuses on some of the things players can work on to improve their defense. To see all of the videos in the Training Tip of the Week series just go to

Bunting probably isn’t high on any player’s list of favorite activities, but being able to execute a bunt effectively can help a player make the difference between winning and losing for his team.

In this week’s SKLZ Training Tip of the Week, former major leaguer David Newhan takes players through the basics of bunting, from the mental approach to the basic physical elements of successfully carrying out the sacrifice. Newhan’s ability to do the little things helped him fashion a 15-year career in professional baseball. A Southern California native, he was a 17th-round pick of the Athletics out of Pepperdine in 1995 and appeared in 413 major league games during his career, most with the Orioles.

“We’re giving ourselves up–everybody knows we’re giving ourselves up–so our job is to get the ball on the ground and have a good bunt,” Newhan says in the video. “And if we do that, we’ve done our job.”

Newhan also discusses more advanced skills to add as players become more comfortable with the bunt, such as directional bunting. But he emphasizes that the first goal is simply to move the runner over.

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