SKLZ Training Tip Of The Week: Pitching On Flat Ground [VIDEO]

This is the first in a series of training videos presented by Each Monday the Training Tip of the Week will focus on a specific aspect of baseball training to help you become a better player, from hitting to pitching to baserunning to defense. Our first video focuses on some of the things pitchers can work on when they’re doing their flat-ground work.

While pitching coaches might disagree on the balance between working off flat ground versus working off a mound, they would all agree that some flat ground work is an important part of any pitcher’s training regimen. In a series of videos for, Long Beach State head coach Troy Buckley talks about some of the important aspects of flat ground work, including as it relates to a pitcher’s long-toss regimen. Buckley is one of the nation’s most respected pitching coaches. He was a catcher at Santa Clara and in the minor leagues before beginning his coaching career. He came to Long Beach State as pitching coach in 2001 and took over as the head coach in 2010.

“The flat-ground routine coupled with the long-toss routine now becomes essentially the foundation of the throwing program,” Buckley says in one of the videos. He said flat ground work can help pitchers work on their timing and rhythm, as well as their mechanics and delivery. Ultimately the value of flat ground and long toss work depends on an individual’s personal goals.

In this video, Buckley speaks specifically about using flat ground work to focus on balance in the delivery, and the importance of any pitcher finding the top of his delivery. Again, many of the details will vary from individual to individual, but the guiding principles are the same.

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