Sabado Gigante

Game One: UC Irvine vs. Arizona State

If I’ve learned one lesson from yesterday, it’s that you can’t bank on good starting pitchers to shut down good offenses in the day game at Rosenblatt when the wind’s blowing out. The wind is once again gusting out today (to dead center field), which seems to favor Arizona State’s big bats and neutralize UC Irvine’s starting pitching advantage with All-American Scott Gorgen. This Irvine club can hit in its own right, and I saw Cody Cipriano tattoo the left-field video board in batting practice today, but I think Arizona State wins in another high-scoring game. John agrees.

Aaron: Arizona State
John: Arizona State

Game Two: Oregon State vs. Cal State Fullerton

Runs could be much harder to come by in the nightcap–last night the ball didn’t carry nearly as well as it did in the early game, which makes Mitch Moreland’s mammoth home run off Rob Wooten even more impressive. (Side note: apparently Wooten wasn’t too impressed when it came off the bat, because he pointed straight up to indicate a pop up. Maybe he was actually trying to warn any passing aircraft . . . the ball finally came down after it cleared the hitter’s eye in center field.) Anyway, John likes the Titans in the late game because of the experience gap on the mound–CSF will go with junior Wes Roemer against freshman Jorge Reyes. I, on the other hand, have learned better than to bet against Pat Casey in Omaha . . . at least for now. Let’s see if the Titans can stick it to me for the umpteenth time this season.

Aaron: Oregon State
John: Cal State Fullerton


Aaron: 2-0
John: 1-1


Aaron: 2-0
John: 1-1