Roger Clemens Award Chat: July 12

Moderator: The four finalists for the Roger Clemens award,
given to the top college pitcher in the country, will be available to
answer questions beginning at 4 p.m. ET. Ask your questions for Rice’s
Eddie Degerman, Washington’s Tim Lincecum, North Carolina’s Andrew
Miller and Houston’s Brad Lincoln.

 Q:  Matt S. from Pittsburgh asks:
what is your early opinion of the Pirate Organization? Do you feel
extra pressure to help the big club soon because the fans are dying for
a winner here?

Brad Lincoln:
First impression is good. There is a lot of young talent that could
help the big club down the road and hopefully I will be there in the
next couple of years. It’s all on my shoulders to excell and show my
skills. I have a great opportunity to move quickly through the
organization and maybe help the big club win a championship some day.

 Q:  Matt from Philadelphia asks:
for Brad: How fast do you see yourself getting to the Bucs major league
rotation? And how do you see yourself fitting in w the rest of the
young guns in the rotation? It’s exciting to have a player of your
caliber in the Pirates system Brad!

Brad Lincoln:
Hopefully within 2 years I would like to be the number 2 or 3 guy in
the roatation. I see myself fitting in well because you have a couple
of guys from Houston in the pitching rotation in Zack Duke and
Gonzales. I’m looking forward to getting there.

 Q:  Henry Thompson from Tiburon, Ca asks:
Brad My name is Henry I am 15 years old and live in Tiburon California
and I”m a big fan of yours anyway I just wanted to thank you for this
chat.I was also wondering whats the biggest difference between the
college and pro game and what adjusments have you had to make so far?

Brad Lincoln:
You are welcome. One of the biggest changes for me is playing everyday.
In college it was 4 days a week. The downtime I have on my hands is an
adjustment because in College I was going to class then practice until
7 every day.

 Q:  Steven from Frisco, TX asks:
Were you surpised to see yourself drafted in the 4th round? Did you
expect to see yourself go higher or lower; especially after being taken
in the 41st round last year?

Eddie Degerman: That was what I was hearing before the draft so it was not a surprise.

 Q:  Brook Solliday from Cape Cod, Ma asks:
How much did the Cape Cod League affect your draft status compared to before you played here?

This response is coming from the three that played in the Cape. Lincoln
– it affected me a lot. My Soph and Jr. season were just average, but
my success at the cape bosted my confidence and allowed more people to
see me. Miller – it had a huge affect on my draft status because I was
able to pitch against wood bats. Alot of scouts see Cape games.
Lincecum – I agree with Brad and Andrew. Pitching against wood bats is
better, you don’t give-up cheap hits. Also, the lighting at the fields
don’t allow you to see as well and the success boost your confidence.
You get to play against great players.

 Q:  Jurgen Klinsman from Unemployment line asks:
because of the stakes involved and the team’s situation, was the
victory at Alabama the best performance of your career to date?

Andrew Miller: I don’t really know if it was my best performance, but it was the biggest stage I had a win on.

 Q:  Dan from Charlottesville asks:
difficult do you all see the transition between college and the pro’s?
Specifically Eddie and Tim, who had amazing numbers at Rice and
Washington, but fell a little bit in the draft for various reasons.

Tim – I think just getting use to the atmosphere and different people.
Also, the strike zone appears to be a bit smaller so keeping the ball
low and at the corners. Eddie – The talent level is high. If you
succeeded in college, and keep doing the right things, it should not be
that difficult. Andrew – While the talent level increases, the wood
bats do help pitchers. Brad – The ability to stay focused every day.
This is a job now and someone right behind you wants to take that job
so I have to play my hardest every day.

 Q:  tiffythetitan from Oakland, CA asks:
The Giants will need an All Star representative for next years game in
San Francisco and us fans would like nothing more than to root for
someone born and raised as a Giant. I know you’re new to professional
ball but do you think that could be you? And does it scare you that you
just signed but it seems expectations are very high for you?

Tim Lincecum:
Well i have aspirations of being a major league ball player and the
sooner i make it up the better, but that will be dictated by me and the
needs of the organization. As far as being an All Star representative
for the Giants i would love to be one of them. But no it doesn’t scare
me really at all about their expectations for me because i know that i
have high expectation for myself aswell. It will just push me to
improve and stay focused on pitching.

 Q:  Anthony from Michigan asks:
Andrew, What do you feel is your ETA to the big leagues in Detroit? We
may need you to sign and come help us during the playoff push! Everyone
in Michigan is excited to have you join a great pitching staff for the

Andrew Miller:
While I’m not sure of the plans for me, it seems the Tigers are doing
great. I’m looking forward to signing and getting my assignment. I’m
happy everyone in Michigan is excited, the Tigers are generating a lot
of excitement.

 Q:  Chris from Chico, CA asks:
Hey Lincecum, after your stay in the NWL do you know which level the Giants plan to send you to?

Tim Lincecum: To be honest with you i’m not exactly sure. My performance will dictate my progress though.

 Q:  Steph from Lansdale, Pa asks:
players in the past few years have ascended the minor league ranks
faster then ever, how important is it to sign right away and get on
that path toward the majors?

Andrew – 3 to 4 years in college certainly helps prepare you for pro
ball. The sooner you can sign, the sooner you start moving through the
system. Brad – I agree with the college comment. If you get out there
as soon as possible, it shows the organization you are ready to do your

 Q:  Barry Schulte from The Woodlands, Tx. asks:
– Have you been able to go home to California since the CWS? Do you
expect to sign with the Cards soon? Best of luck in your pro career.

Eddie Degerman:
I drove home after the season ended. I have signed and will be heading
to State College Pennsylvania on Friday. Thanks for the good wishes.

 Q:  Joel from Washington, DC asks:
for all you guys: at what point in your career to date did you know you
had the ability to play at an elite level? Did this just happen in the
last couple years or were you sure since little league that you had
what it took to be a baseball professional?

Brad – My sophmore year of high school I started noticing I was a bit
above my teammates. Andrew – I had no idea until Colleges started
recruiting me. Eddie – In high school I started feeling good, but I had
to sit out two years then went Rice. At Rice I gained the confidence I
needed. Tim – My Jr. year in high school when scouts started talking to

 Q:  Super Fan from San Francisco, CA asks:
Tim Lincecum,

What changes and adjustments will you make when you start playing pro ball? Are you working on any new pitches?


Tim Lincecum:
Well i would have to start out by refining the pitches that i already
have, throwing them more consistently for strikes and keeping my ball
down in the strike zone more often. Currently i am not working on any
nrew pitches.

 Q:  Joe B. from Granada Hills asks:
Congratulations on a fantastic college career, looking forward to seeing you in the bigs soon!

Eddie Degerman: Thanks, I’m looking to being in the bigs.

 Q:  Blood from Chapel Hill asks:
Andrew, congrats on finishing strong. I enjoyed working with you this
year. Do you think you are going to try to redevelop a change up or
just stick with a two-seam as your off speed? Actually, my real
question: who hits better in the tunnel, you or me? Just tell the
truth. Keep in touch.

Andrew Miller:
I’m certainly going to develop a change-up because it’s a very
important pitch to have. As for my hitting in the tunnel I’m glad I’m
going to the American league.

 Q:  Blake from Montclair, NJ asks:
is it like going through your last semester at college knowing that you
are going to be recieving a nice bonus in the draft?

Brad Lincoln:
it’s nice to know you have a check coming. You get to go play baseball
for a job while other graduates are applying for other jobs.

 Q:  Joel from Washington, DC asks:
you were an excellent college hitter. Do you expect this to carry over
into the pros? Do you intend to continue to work on your hitting?

Brad Lincoln:
I won’t be able to hit until AA. I’ve been told by my coaches that I’ll
be fined if they find me with a bat in myt hand before then.

 Q:  tim doby from north carolina asks:
have you gotten over the last game of the season? all heels fans were
very proud of you guys and you gave us one of the most exciting weeks
that the baseball program has ever seen thank you for representing UNC
and for giving us all of the memories that i will keep forever thanks
and GO HEELS!!!

Andrew Miller:
It was a tough loss but it’s easy to hold your head high when you
finish second in the country. I can speak for the rest of the team we
really appreciated the fan support down the stretch. Thank you….

I used to live in Gainesville, Fl and watched you pitch in high school
many times. I’m hoping talks with the Tigers will go well and you’ll
pitch soon. In the meantime what is your daily pitching routine? Do you
have supervised instruction and how much time off do you think you need
right now after the long college season? Are independent league teams
contacting you? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions

Andrew Miller:
That’s a tough question. I’m staying ready to pitch when the deal gets
done and I’m certainly not talking to any independent league teams. I
hope that never becomes an issue.

 Q:  Dave Dombrowski from Detroit MI asks:
Andrew, are you going to sign for slot money or do i really have to open the checkbook?

Andrew Miller: you know the answer to that Dave

 Q:  Henry Thompson from Tiburon, Ca asks:
Tim My name is Henry Thompson I am 15 years old and live in Tiburon
California and I”m a big fan of yours anyway I was wondering what you
attribute your success this year from going from a 42nd round pick last
year to eventually being considered number 1 and then being taken
number 10 buy my favorite team the giants.

Going to the Cape Cod Summer baseball league really helped me out over
last summer. Playing against some of the best college baseball players
in the nation was extremely exciting and a great experience for me.
Playing there helped me work on my pitches and even develop a couple
more. As far as being considered for the number one spot in this years
draft, it really was an honor. But i am more than proud to sign with
the Giants organization.

 Q:  Henry Thompson from Tiburon, Ca asks:
Andrew My name is Henry I am 15 years old and live in Tiburon
California and I”m a big fan of yours anyway I just wanted to thank you
for this chat.I was also wondering with such little free time what are
your guys hobbies? What do you do on your free time?

Andrew Miller: During my free time I like to play golf, fish and play x-box.

 Q:  Henry Thompson from Tiburon, Ca asks:
Thompson from Tiburon, Ca asks:
Hey Eddie My name is Henry I am 15 years old and live in Tiburon
California and I”m a big fan of yours anyway I just wanted to thank you
for this chat.I was also wondering whats the biggest difference between
the college and pro game and what adjusments have you had to make so

Eddie Degerman:
The biggest difference is the wood bats and the number of days you play
each week. Full focus is baseball now rather than having to also focus
on school. Henry, get your college degree!

 Q:  John from Durham asks:
I just wanted to say thank you as an alumnus for making us proud of the
Tar Heel program. Because Baseball America named you its Player of the
Year, do you get your number retired at the Bosh? GO HEELS!

Andrew Miller: Thanks for your support. As far as the number goes, I have no idea.

 Q:  Lee Bahl from north bend asks:
to tim

have the giants indicated any changes you need to make


Tim Lincecum: They want me to take it slow, but I haven’t really been there long enough for them to want to make any changes yet.

 Q:  Bob from Hickory asks:
where do you expect to have your next stop, Hickory or Lynchburg and
when does it appear they will promote you. I understand you’re going to
bypass Williamsport. Good Luck!!!

Brad Lincoln: More than likely it will be Hickory and I think it will be within the next week to week and half. Thanks for the good wishes.

 Q:  Henry Thompson from Tiburon, Ca asks:
Tim My name is Henry I am 15 years old and live in Tiburon California
and I”m a big fan of yours anyway I just wanted to thank you for this
chat and conragulate you on winning the Golden Spike award. I was also
wondering whats the biggest difference between the college and pro game
and what adjusments have you had to make so far?

Tim Lincecum:
Henry, thank you. The biggest difference is the change from metal to
wooden bats. Changes i will make will be to refine my pitches and keep
the ball down in the strike zone.

 Q:  matt murray from Seattle asks:
Tim Lincecum – Tim, You were the gatorade player of the year as a
senior in high school and your team won the state 3A championship, you
were Pac 10 PitcherPlayer of year your freshman year, (never been done
in history) you won another PAC 10 Pitcher of the year your junior
year, you broke the all-time PAC 10 strikeout record, you were drafted
in the first round # 10 overall, you won the golden spikes award. Which
one meant the most to you personally, and why, and what do you have
your sights on next after you win the Roger Clemens? thnkx.

Tim Lincecum: They were all great, but the Golden Spike award was the best. Thanks…

Moderator: The guys have left to get ready for the Awards dinner. Thank you for all your questions.