Regional Preview Podcasts: Parts I & II

Aaron Fitt and I enjoy the regional preview podcasts every year, and this years’ were no different. If 2 hours, 46 minutes are too much for you, though, here’s a handy guide to when we started talking about each individual regional.

Part I
0:00: Intro/Chapel Hill Regional
7:25: Columbia Regional
19:05: Raleigh Regional
30:21: Eugene Regional
44:41: Fullerton Regional
58:05: Los Angeles Regional
1:12:01: Blacksburg Regional
1:23:17: Baton Rouge Regional
0:00: Intro/Nashville Regional
8:11 Corvallis Regional
17:17: Bloomington Regional
25:26: Tallahassee Regional
35:45: Charlottesville Regional
42:51: Starkville Regional
50:53: Manhattan Regional
58:06: Corvallis Regional
1:06:11: Big-picture talk & CWS picks