Rainy Days And Sundays

The tarp remained on the field at Rosenblatt Stadium an hour before the Oklahoma-South Carolina game.
OMAHA—The day dawned with the wind whistling and the windshield wet.

It was still several hours before Sunday’s games at Rosenblatt Stadium, but it remained to be seen if the sprinkles/raindrops cross the river into Iowa or linger for a look at Oklahoma-South Carolina and Clemson-Arizona State.

If the weatherman at Yahoo! is to be believed, we’re in for five days of some kind of weather—rain/thunder/wind on Sunday, thunderstorms on Monday, scattered thunderstorms on Tuesday and isolated thunder storms on Wednesday and Thursday. Our only consolation is that weathermen, like the best hitters in baseball, only bat about .300.

A couple of dozen members of the grounds crew tucked in Rosenblatt Stadium on Saturday night, pulling a blanket over the infield, so the weather shouldn’t be an issue for playing conditions. In fact, if it remains just sprinkles it might make conditions more pleasant for the players.

There was some lightning downtown on the drive to the ballpark. If it is within eight miles of Rosenblatt (which it may be now), then 30 minutes must pass between the last bolt and the first pitch.

The tarp remained on the field an hour before the game as light rain fell and the wind swirled out to right-center. Four South Carolina players juggled baseballs by the bullpen while everyone else either sat around in the dugout or killed time in the clubhouse.

Souvenir stands may as well put away the caps and T-shirts and push the ponchos.


They removed the tarp about 45 minutes before the scheduled 1 p.m. CT start time, intending on a 1:43 p.m. first pitch. But impending rain brought the tarp back out. An announcement in the press box was made saying that a decision on game time would be made at 3 p.m. The weather cell is expected to bring rain until 4 p.m., so we're looking at a delay of well more than three hours.