Purke Scheduled To Return

Texas Christian lefthander Matt Purke will return to the mound May 19 at New Mexico, according to the Star-Telegram.

Purke, who entered the season as the No. 3 prospect, last pitched April 16 at San Diego State before going down with shoulder soreness. Purke was evaluated by Dr. James Andrews on April 20.

"We recently saw him because of some discomfort in the front part of his shoulder, which has been evaluated very thoroughly not only by myself but also by Dr. John Conway, who is the team physician for TCU in Fort Worth, Texas," Andrews wrote in his report. "We certainly don't have any reservations recommending him for being drafted as a professional lefthanded baseball pitcher. His prognosis looks good and he should respond to a minimum period of active rest and conservative treatment to get his shoulder built back up."

The plan is for Purke to pitch a couple innings, followed by righthander Kyle Winkler.

Because of his roller coaster of a season, Purke's draft status is up in the air—the situation is similar to what Anthony Ranaudo went through last year. Purke's stuff was noticeably down in his last start, so his performance tomorrow is critical. If his stuff looks like it did last year and earlier this year, it could help ease concerns that have developed the past couple months. If it's not good, he could continue to slip down draft boards.