No Savery

Rumor was circulating last night that Rice lefthander Joe Savery would not pitch today against Vanderbilt, and indeed he is not. I just spoke with Rice coach Wayne Graham in the dugout, and he said Savery wants to get back into the pattern he established toward the end of his freshman year of pitching on Sundays for the sake of his bat in the first two games of the series. You have to wonder how much his bat would really be affected by working three innings today, but he wants to get back into the routine he’s comfortable with. If that routine helps him stay healthy this year, then he’s doing the right thing. Plus the Owls really need Savery’s offense to come around; he and second baseman Aaron Luna are still looking for their first hits of the season. Graham said he wants both to be more aggressive this weekend.

So, righthander Chris Kelley is on the mound for Rice–he just worked a perfect top of the first, getting Vandy third baseman Pedro Alvarez to sky a fly ball to center to end the inning. Expect Kelly to go at least five innings, and we could see Bobby Bramhall or Ryne Tacker go two or three innings later in the game. With Cole St. Clair likely out for at least a couple of weeks, the soft-tossing Bramhall and the hard-throwing Tacker are two options to fill in as closer, as is two-way player Jordan Dodson. Bobby Bell could also pitch in relief should he return to full strength; he reported elbow soreness after working an inning against Texas State earlier this week.