Give Me Some Offense, Baby!

CARY, N.C. — After two games of defense-heavy baseball, we finally had some fireworks at the Division II World Series.

Lynn University put up seven runs and 13 hits in defeating West Chester 7-3 in the final first-round game. The game included two home runs, first a solo shot from West Chester in the first inning, then a two-run bomb from Lynn.

Lynn had at least one runner on base in every single inning, adding five walks with its 13 hits. That’s nothing new for the Fighting Knights, who have recorded double-digit walks eight times this year.

Lynn is also the only team to play that did not complain of the humidity of a North Carolina summer. As Lynn hails from Boca Raton, Fla., it’s no big deal. Perhaps an advantage?

"If everyone else is feeling it, then yes, it is an advantage for us," Lynn coach Rudy Garbalosa said.

Also of interest, Lynn holds the early prize for most pitchers with unorthodox deliveries. Starter Dan Wright, who went eight innings and fanned six, drags his foot in a quirky, stop-and-start delivery, in a way that resembles nothing so much as a near-trip. His relief, Evan Ellison, leans almost backward before throwing. Weird? Yes, but still effective, as the two combined to deal West Chester its first loss in 10 games.