Game Report: Marcus Stroman

Duke righthander Marcus Stroman had a rough transition to his starting role last week against Texas, walking six batters over five innings and taking the loss. While he didn't get a win in Week Two against Canisius, the results were a lot better.

Stroman didn't show the 97 mph fastball he flashed out of Team USA's bullpen this summer, but that's to be expected. His velocity was still above-average, sitting in the 92-94 mph range, and he held that velocity throughout the game. His final pitch of the game—and he threw about 100 of them—was clocked at 93 mph.

Stroman's slider was even more impressive. The pitch started out in the 79-82 mph range—with its typical sharp break and hard tilt—but it really gained steam as the game went on. In the later innings, the pitch was Wiffle ball-like in the 85-86 mph range. He also showed a 91 mph cutter.

In the fourth inning, Stroman began to mix in some changeups, and the 82-84 mph pitch moved just like his fastball, with very good fade and a little sink.

Stroman set up on the first-base side of the rubber and showed very good athleticism on the mound. He pitched with a quick pace, but did vary his tempo with runners on.

Stroman allowed two runs on six hits over seven innings. He walked two and struck out 10. He was in line to leave with a lead, but with two outs in the seventh inning and a runner on second base, Canisus second baseman Jose Torralba roped a single to tie the game at two and Canisus eventually won, 4-3 in the 10th inning.

Stroman will look for his first win of the season next Friday against George Washington.