CWS Day Three Picks

OMAHA—It has been a somber day for baseball. Hearing news of the passing of Tony Gwynn was a rotten way to start the day. Like so many others who have been fortunate enough to get to know him, I will miss his jovial personality and passion for baseball. After a San Diego State win or loss, Tony always invited us to have a seat on the couch in his office and talk baseball, something he did better than most. After making his fortune and fame during a Hall of Fame playing career, Gwynn didn't need to spend his time coaching. He did it because he loved it. He will be greatly missed.

Today has been a scramble, so we'll keep it simple with today's picks:

Aaron Fitt (2-0 yesterday; 3-1 overall): Louisville, Vanderbilt

John Manuel (2-0 yesterday; 4-0 overall): Texas, Vanderbilt

Jim Shonerd (1-1 yesterday; 1-3 overall): Texas, Vanderbilt

And a quick note from your current (cocky) picks leader, John Manuel:

“Why even read Aaron and Jim's picks? I'm the one that's 4-0, so just read mine if you're placing any friendly wagers.

“I'm taking Texas and Vanderbilt. I think Vanderbilt's defense will be up to the challenge against UC Irvine, as will Tyler Beede, who has been good of late. I'm picking the Longhorns on a hunch, though I believe Louisville is the better team. I don't like picking the Cardinals to go 0-2 for a second straight season, but I also believe Texas will not score only one run again.”