CWS Day Six Picks: Chasing History

OMAHA—They say History Happens Here. John Manuel isn't here, but he's making quite a run at history from his home in North Carolina.

As Pedro Martinez once said, "I don't believe in curses." If Vin Scully can talk about Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter while it is in progress, then I can talk about Manuel's run at picks perfection without fear of jinxing it.

After all three of us successfully picked Texas yesterday, Manuel is still unblemished in his predictions, a perfect 9-0. Today he admitted to feeling a little pressure before making his pick, but he settled on Texas Christian, as did Jim Shonerd and me. I trust TCU's Tyler Alexander more than I trust Mississippi's Sam Smith, and the Horned Frogs still have fresh, quality arms in the bullpen with Jordan Kipper and Alex Smith rested and ready to go. Rumor has it the wind has changed course and might actually be blowing out today, which would seem to favor Ole Miss, given its superior power potential. But TCU's pitching is just too good to bet against.

John Manuel (1-0 yesterday; 9-0 overall): TCU.

Aaron Fitt (1-0 yesterday; 7-2 overall): TCU.

Jim Shonerd (1-0 yesterday; 5-4 overall): TCU.