CWS Day Four Picks

OMAHA—The thing to match Walker Buehler’s dominance in this CWS has been John Manuel’s forecasting ability. Our editor-in-chief remains perfect after three days, but there’s a long way to go.

I managed to get back to .500 yesterday with a big assist from Buehler as well. I took Vandy over Irvine, thinking we’d see “Good Beede.” We didn’t, but Vandy’s staff is so ridiculously deep it didn’t matter. In the early game, it was hard to have confidence in the way Louisville had been playing here over the last two years, and unfortunately for the Cardinals, things didn’t improve against Texas.  TCU-Virginia should be a whale of a game tonight, and Aaron and I spoke after last night’s game about how we could be in for an outstanding championship series if either of those teams matches up with Vanderbilt.

We’ll let John take it away to set up our picks for today:

“Virginia and TCU are the only two national seeds in the Series, and now they play against each other in this evening's game, which I anticipate will be a low-scoring affair. Virginia, I believe, is the better team but that doesn't always mean a lot in Omaha. I believe Virginia will get the win, though, because they are more explosive offensively. I'm also picking Brandon Downes, a long-time personal cheeseball, to be the first player in Omaha to leave TDAP this season.

“In the other game, I probably should pick Ole Miss to be the team to have a player leave the yard. I do believe Ole Miss will break out offensively against Texas Tech, which hasn't scored more than four runs in a victory in its last 12 games. That's just too much pressure to put on its pitching and defense. The TDAP Rule of 5 should prevail in this one."

Aaron Fitt (1-1 yesterday; 4-2 overall): Mississippi, Virginia

John Manuel (2-0 yesterday; 6-0 overall): Mississippi, Virginia

Jim Shonerd (2-0 yesterday; 3-3 overall): Mississippi, TCU