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Apple Edition FAQs

1) Where can I download the app for my magazine onto my iOS device? Our iOS applications can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Our apps consist of a storefront in which you can buy, manage, and read individual issues of the magazine.

2) Can I buy a subscription to the iOS Edition? Yes! Simply go to the Library section of the app. To purchase a subscription, tap the subscribe banner or button.

3) What does my subscription include? Why can't I access back issues? Per Apple policy, a subscription includes access to 1) the latest issue at time of purchase, and 2) all future issues which are published during the duration of your subscription. Frequency of publication varies by magazine (usually 12x/year, 6x/year, or 4x/year.) Back issues are not included with an in-app subscription.

4) I am a print subscriber. Does my print subscription allow me to access issues in the app for free? Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer free access for print subscribers.

5) Do iOS edition issues expire? No. Once you purchase/download an issue, the issue will be permanently stored on your device until you "Archive" it. Archiving an issue will free up storage space on your device. After an issue is archived, it can be freely downloaded again at any time as long as you are actively signed-in to the account with which you purchased/downloaded the issue.

6) How do I check the status of my Apple subscription? Your in-app subscription can be managed on your device. To do so, please see the instructions at this link:

7) I have a billing problem. Can I send you my iTunes account information to get it resolved? Per Apple guidelines, all of The Enthusiast Network app purchases and "in-app-purchases" take place via your App Store account. Questions about charges to your account, refunds, etc. should be directed to Apple, here:

8) The app is asking me to purchase issue(s), even though I purchased an in-app subscription. How do I fix this? * Please confirm that the same Apple ID was used for each of the following: 1) Downloading the app 2) Purchasing the subscription 3) The current "active" sign-in to the App Store * If the same Apple ID is/was used for all of the above items, use the "Restore Purchases" button in the upper right of the Library section of the app to grant access to the issues you have purchased as part of your subscription.

9) My application is crashing, how do I fix this? Please try these steps, in order: 1) Check to make sure your app is updated to the latest version. (Use the App Store app on your device to check the list of available updates.) If an update is available, install it and test your app. If problems persist, proceed to #2. 2) Make sure you are on a Wi-Fi connection with strong signal. 3) "Force quit" the app by: 1) Double click the home button. 2) In the row of apps that appears across the bottom of the screen, tap and hold on the app, then tap the red button that appears in the top corner of the app icon. 4) Power down your device by holding down the power button and using "Slide to Power Off". 5) Turn your device back on, and launch the app to test. If the problem persists, proceed to #6. 6) If the above options are not successful, delete and reinstall the app. 1) To delete, tap and hold on the app, then tap the red button that appears in the top corner of the app. 2) Visit the App Store to download and re-install the app. 3) Any purchases will be honored once you reinstall the app, as long as your device is signed into the same Apple account under which 1) the purchases were made and 2) the app was downloaded. 4) You will need to re-download any issues that were previously downloaded.

10) Do I need to Sign In? No. Only customers who have received a promotional digital subscription need to sign in. You can purchase, download, read all issues that you purchased within the app without signing in.

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