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Mitchell White Sows A Whirlwind With Whiffs

Pop-Up Guy

Two years after surgery, Mitchell White pitched his way out of draft obscurity

Ask BA: No. 1 Pick To No. 1 Prospect?

Ask BA

Which 2016 draft pick immediately becomes his team's No. 1 prospect?

Scouts Get Defensive Projecting Future Roles

Glove Affair

Figuring out where draft picks will play will determine where they are selected

Baseball America Draft Chat

Draft Chat

BA's J.J. Cooper will be here at 2 p.m. ET Wednesday to chat about the MLB Draft[...]

Baseball America Draft Podcast

Draft Podcast

John Manuel and Hudson Belinsky discuss the draft—less than a week away

Ask BA: Is Diamondbacks’ Reed For Real?

Ask BA

Is a dominant Midwest League stint predictive of success?