Matthew Eddy: Good week for top-flight prospects. Let's get started a few minutes early. Already many, many questions in the queue about Braves pitchers, so while they're worth the ink, you have better odds of being recognized with a different line of questioning.

    Eric K (Chicago): What can you tell me about Jordan Pacheco? He seems old for A+, but he was only drafted in 2007. Does he have a future behind the plate for the Rockies?

Matthew Eddy: It's probably best to keep expectations in check until Pacheco proves himself at the highest levels of the minors. He converted to catcher after turning pro, having played middle infield at New Mexico. He's a natural leader, but his arm is average and his other defensive tools merely adequate. Pacheco has hit very well in full-season ball, but remember he played in Low-A Asheville's bandbox last year (943 OPS at home; 788 on the road) when he won Sally League MVP honors. This season, he's gotten a Cal League boost. If he has to move off catcher, will his bat play on a corner?

    Old Truck (Warehouse, CT): Around what time should we expect to see Carlos Santana in the show?

Matthew Eddy: Mid-June I'd wager. Santana has fierce power, especially from the left side, and a discerning batting eye. Those qualities make him a rare commodity among catchers, so if his glove can be merely adequate, the Indians have just about the best possible Victor Martinez replacement.

    Ryan (So Cal): What are you thoughts on Tyler Skaggs?

Matthew Eddy: Optimistic that Skaggs can develop into a mid-rotation starter for the Angels. He's got a great pitcher's build and great arm speed and mechanics. If his fastball velo sits in the low-90s when all's said and done, he definitely has the breaking ball to succeed. That scenario is quite possible, given Skaggs' athleticism. An Angels' supp. first-rounder last year, he's logged a 35-8 K-BB ratio in 33 innings for Low-A Cedar Rapids this year.

    Scott (Florida): Arrieta not on this week's top sheet after striking out 10 last night.. Im a little surprised.. Arrieta or Tillman, which pitcher do you think the Orioles will bring up next?

Matthew Eddy: Arrieta was the final cut. While true that he fanned 10 and walked 2 in 7 innings last night (at the Triple-A level, no less), he had been coming off a bit of a rough stretch. In his previous four starts, Arrieta had allowed 13 runs in 24 innings, while collecting more walks (18) than strikeouts (16). Two good starts next week and he could be Hot Sheet material next time out. As to Arrieta vs. Tillman . . . Even though he's about two years younger, I think Tillman makes more sense. He's already on the 40-man, he's got a wider repertoire and he's been just about unstoppable lately.

    Marc (Buffalo Grove, IL): Will Mike Stanton be a 40+ Home Run guy per year?

Matthew Eddy: It's possible, but I'd still bet the under. Hitting 40 home runs is a rare feat, even in our high-offense era. Ryan Howard is the only player to hit 40 or more in each of the past four seasons (that's 2006-09). Adam Dunn hit 38 last year to just miss the cut. AS LH batters, those two sluggers also have the platoon advantage so much more often than Stanton will when he plays for the Marlins. (Not to mention more favorable home parks.)

    alex (tampa): is desmond jennings good enough/ready enough to take carl crawford's spot in LF if crawford does not re-sign?

Matthew Eddy: Yes and yes. There will be growing pains as Jennings adjusts to the big leagues, of course. But as with the Indians and Carlos Santana, the Rays have just about the perfect internal solution for the departure of a franchise player.

    Jake (south orange, NJ): Once Moustakas reaches the MLB, will that finally put the caboosh on Alex Gordon?

Matthew Eddy: Interesting question. Assuming a normal development path for Moustakas (let's say big league debut in second half of '11) and that Gordon is still around, then yes I think Moustakas will play 3B and Gordon the outfield. Moustakas' arm is more than strong enough for the left side of the infield, and now we're catching a glimpse of the type of offensive player he can be. And perhaps Eric Hosmer will push Billy Butler into a full-time DH role.

    Ryan (So Cal): If you were to redo the top 100 for this year where would Mike Trout rank now? How does his power and speed rate on the scouting scale?

Matthew Eddy: I think it's safe to say that Trout has surpassed early expectations and that he would rank higher in a Top 100 now than he did coming into the year (No. 85). Evaluators graded him as at least a 70 runner last year, and with 20 steals and five triples already this season for Low-A Cedar Rapids, I would expect that present grade to remain static. As you know, power was the big question coming into the season — not really long-term power potential, because he had the strength and bat speed to hit home runs. But would he learn to pull the ball with authority in the Midwest League? Could he learn to stay balanced and stop diving over the plate? So far the answer is a resounding yes.

    Mike (Ontario): After hitting under 240 in A ball last season, Derrick Robinson is now hitting over 300 in Double A and has already stolen over 20 bases. What's changed? Is this something that you think he carry forward with him for the balance of the year?

Matthew Eddy: The answer to all your Derrick Robinson questions can be found in J.J. Cooper's excellent, recent Prospect Bulletin (subscriber-only):

    Jamie (MN): Better to hold on to Jarrod Parker than dropping for Arodys Vizcaino, Randall Delgado, or Alex White in long term keeper league?

Matthew Eddy: Tough call. Vizcaino is tempting because he already has two excellent pitches and has not had a major arm injury. But I would hand onto Parker and pass on Delgado and White.

    JP Starkey (HT, CT): Why not movie Frazier back to his original position(SS)?

Matthew Eddy: That's a tough sell. Frazier didn't look all that fluid at 2B last year in Triple-A. I think he's simply too big and too immobile (when compared with other pro shortstops, not the general populace) to handle the middle infield at baseball's highest levels. You have to think his bat will get going at some point and that he'll have a big league career as a solid-average regular at third base or on the an outfield corner.

    Henry T (Sauce Town, CA): SUpposedly Bumgarner's fastball is back and it shows. With that being said what is the general consensus of what his ceiling is now? Would you say your a believer again, or is it still pre-mature?

Matthew Eddy: I've never had a good handle on Bumgarner, to be honest with you. Love the size, the deception and the fastball command. But he might need more velo or another dependable pitch (is the cut fastball the answer?) to succeed as a starter in the big leagues. He has big league fastball command, this much we know.

    Kory (Columbus, Oh): Teheran, Delgado, Vizcaino... does any other organization have 3 single A pitchers you would take over these three?

Matthew Eddy: The Rays would be in the discussion with Wilking Rodriguez, Alex Colome, Matt Moore and Nick Barnese. (I might favor the Braves' collection, if only slightly) But you've hit on one of the dangers here. So much can go wrong with a pitcher as he navigates the waters from Class A to the big leagues. Attrition and injury can derail even the brightest young arms.

    Kory (Columbus, Oh): If Minor can maintain his velocity could he become a legitimate number 2 ala Cliff Lee?

Matthew Eddy: Minor is a smart pitcher with a wide repertoire. If he can continue to sit in the 92-93 mph range, then he definitely graduates from finesse lefty to mid-rotation starter (or better) status.

    Eric K (Chicago): How does Chisenhall fit into Cleveland's future infield plans? Do they move Peralta back to short and Cabrera to second? Any chance Lonnie moves to short?

Matthew Eddy: Expect Chisenall to assume the everyday 3B job, Cabrera to remain at SS and Peralta to leave as a free agent. The Indians can buy Peralta out for $250K this offseason. Thank you, Cot's Baseball Contracts.

    JP Starkey (IBC, Connecticut): What does Tyler Chatwood have to do to get in the team photo? He's been excellent in the Cal League.

Matthew Eddy: Well, he could start by helping to save the life of a motorcycle crash victim, as did Rafael Ynoa and Elisaul Pimentel, a pair of Low-A Great Lakes players. Just kidding. (Though it's a great story. Link below.) You're right. Tyler Chatwood has excelled in the Cal League. He's age-appropriate (20). He's got a good fastball/curve mix. He's gone 5-2, 1.79 with 53 strikeouts in 50 innings. Chatwood's walk rate is a bit high at nearly four per nine innings, but he mitigates that a bit with a 3.4 G/F ratio and seven double plays induced. You have a fair gripe. He was overlooked this time. As promised, the Loons link:

    tim (ATL): Who do you like better: Martin Perez, Mike Montgomery, Julio Teheran, or Zach Britton?

Matthew Eddy: Montgomery, followed closely by Teheran.

    Scott (MA): Better chance to turn things around Brandon Wood or Gordon Beckham?

Matthew Eddy: While many of us root for Brandon Wood to turn things around, I think Beckham is the better bet here. Stronger contact ability and more usable power.

    Vic (San Diego): Matt. Love the Friday afternoon Hot List chats! What's been scouts take on Wilmer Flores so far this year? For you, what kind of power/avg. does he project?

Matthew Eddy: People who've seen Flores expect that he will hit for average. That's universal. More dissenting opinions abound when talking about his power potential. He's very skinny right now, but if he continues to mature and add muscle as well as continue to identify fastballs he can pull for power, well he could be a 60 power hitter. That translates to a 20-26 HR hitter. Flores will need all the power he can muster because he's not quick enough to play up the middle.

    Will (Atlanta): Do you see Logan Morrison making an impact on the big league roster this year considering he's already missed a month of minor league time?

Matthew Eddy: Probably not this year. Gaby Sanchez has played capably (on-base heavy 810 OPS, as suggested by his minor league line) and would have to fall on his face to lose the job.

    Tom (NJ): Jon Singleton just made it to LowA Lakewood this week. He showed great promise in the GCL last year and started this week .385/.500/.654. What are your thoughts on him and was he even in the discussion for the hot sheet?

Matthew Eddy: Lots of interest in Jon Singleton this time. Yes, he was considered for the Hot Sheet. He went 9-for-22 (.409) this week for Low-A Lakewood with a home run and a double. He walked seven times (once intentional) while striking out only three times. I like to see more power from Class A first basemen, but he's definitely on the radar for future Hot Sheets.

    Eric (Minneapolis, MN): Does Simon Castro seem to be flying under the radar a bit? Seemed like Latos got tons of hype at this point last year. When do you predict him getting a call-up this year?

Matthew Eddy: I think novelty played a role in Latos' rise last year. Everybody knew he had the talent to do so, but until he went out and dominated in Double-A, I think people retained a healthy skepticism. But Castro is so reliable and such a hard worker that his success is somewhat predictable. And make no mistake, he is pitching very well in Double-A, having skipped over High-A. He's gone 3-1, 2.03 for San Antonio, while brandishing a 36-13 K-BB ratio with 3 HR allowed. Castro has limited opponents to a .187 average while keeping his WHIP under one, if just barely at 0.99.

Matthew Eddy: Thanks for the questions. It's been fun.