Prospects: Player's Perspective

More Than Just A Bat
Dec. 21, 2012
Baseball is all about fathers and sons. Twins minor leaguer A.J. Pettersen tells how that's true even when it comes to picking his bats. [...] Continue Reading »

Introducing A.J. Pettersen
Nov. 28, 2012
Twins farmhand A.J. Pettersen, a Minnesota native and lifelong Twins fan, kicks off his new BA diary. [...] Continue Reading »

Broshuis: Beware MLB, NCAA Joint Venture
Jul. 16, 2012
Bud Selig may not have the cunning of Odysseus, but he and his braintrust are not idiots. Baseball's commissioner is entrusted to act "in the best interests of baseball," which really means acting in the best interests of baseball's owners. As a former player and current advocate of minor league players' rights, you can understand my trepidation upon hearing the announcement that MLB is interested in somehow "partnering" with the NCAA to sponsor more college baseball scholarships. [...] Continue Reading »

Suitcase Chronicles: Not Crash Davis
Mar. 3, 2010
Garrett Broshuis realizes his dream isn't his anymore and decides to call it a career. [...] Continue Reading »

Scout's Diary: Fix The Schedule
Dec. 31, 2009
Our pro scout has a suggestion to fix MLB's problems. [...] Continue Reading »

Bullpen Gospels: Thanks For The Call, Mom
Dec. 30, 2009
A bad ERA isn't the worst thing that can happen. [...] Continue Reading »

Scout's Diary: I'm Here To Work
Apr. 15, 2009
This diary is about the life of a scout, not about what that scout sees or the inner-workings of what he does. That stuff is pretty much classified, unfortunately. A version of that stuff can be found elsewhere these days pretty easily. In fact, you can find it on this same site. If you're looking for a scout's take or evaluation on players this diary is not for you. But if you want to get a feel for what one professional scout's life is like, at or away from the ballpark, then this is the place for you. I hope you enjoy it. [...] Continue Reading »

Player's Perspective: Fernando Perez
Apr. 22, 2008
In a supplement to the player feature, Rays center fielder Fernando Perez expounds on Triple-A life, his favorite player growing up, his trials and tribulations learning to switch-hit, among other things. [...] Continue Reading »

Rah, Team, Rah
Mar. 20, 2008
Dirk Hayhurst's latest Non-Prospect Diary expresses what it means to him to have played for a championship team. [...] Continue Reading »

Player's Perspective: Travis Snider
Jul. 28, 2006
First-round pick Travis Snider talks about being drafted by the Blue Jays and about life in the minors. [...] Continue Reading »

Player's Perspective: Pat Neshek, Part II Premium
Jul. 7, 2006
Twins righthander Pat Neshek continued his evaluation of International League parks, hitting up Richmond, Norfolk, Columbus and Toledo on this trek. [...] Continue Reading »

Player's Perspective: Pat Neshek Premium
Jun. 22, 2006
Twins righthander Pat Neshek highlights his favorite—and least favorite—aspects of parks in the International League's Northern Division. [...] Continue Reading »