Tim Alderson Prospects Chat

    Josh (NY): What is it like to be the centerpiece in a trade for a significant big leaguer?

Tim Alderson: It's a huge honor. You never expect to be traded and when you do get traded for a big leaguer it takes you a bit by surprise.

    Dan (PA): Who was your childhood baseball hero?

Tim Alderson: I didn't really have one. I just loved watching the game. I actually loved watching the position players and power hitters back in the day. I always wanted to be the kid hitting the homeruns so I never really focused on the pitchers.

    Dan (PA): Who is your current favorite major league player?

Tim Alderson: Roy Halladay. He does some amazing things on the mound.

    Brett (Altoona, Pennsylvania): Hi Tim, It was a pleasure seeing you pitch for the Altoona Curve towards the end of the season. What are your goals for 2010 and how did it feel transitioning in your first change of organizations? Best of luck.

Tim Alderson: The main goal every year is to stay healthy, throw a 150-plus innings, and get your team deep into the season. I look forward to getting to know the organization a bit more and become comfortable as a Pirate.

    Raul (Tucson, Az): Tim, what's the biggest difference you've noticed in the philosophies or methods between the Giants and Pirates organizations?

Tim Alderson: The Giants gave me a huge opportunity to start in High A and just let me pitch. The Pirates are much more hands on and have very structured programs with all their players, position and pitchers. Both systems have really helped me grow as a player.

    Jason (Wilmington, NC): You got to see Madison Bumgarner pitch up close. Is he a Glavine-type who doesn't rely on high velocity, or is he more of a pitcher with Johan Santana potential whose velocity dipped at the end of the year?

Tim Alderson: We were drafted in the same year. He put up ridiculous numbers last year and it was great having him as roommate on the road. We had a friendly competiton and made each other better. It's amazing what he has done so far but there are bigger things ahead for him.

    Pat (NJ): What was your favorite place to pitch in the Eastern League?

Tim Alderson: For whatever reason I had a ton of success in New Hampshire. I felt really comfortable there and I really enjoyed throwing there.

    Jamie (Virginia): Hey Tim, Just curious if you noticed a big philosphy difference in a team like Pittsburgh that is in the process of building to a contender and the Giants where you came from who is already in that contending mode? Thanks and best of luck this year.

Tim Alderson: I am very excited to start fresh with a new group of guys. In a couple of years fans are going to see these trades pay off. With the prospects and current players the Pirates have we're excited to see what we can do in the future.

    Ed (Gibsonia, PA): Tim, As a life long Pirates fan I was very excited to hear that the Pirates were able to trade for you last year. There has been a lot written about your unorthodox delivery. Have you had discussions with the Pirates coaching staff about making changes to your delivery?

Tim Alderson: The delivery is something I have always done, without knowing what it looked like. I have always been throwing that way since Little League. If you ask me to bend my leg that way I probably couldn't do that for you but when I pitch it feels very natural.

    Jimmy (Perry, Ga.): Hi Tim. Who was the toughest hitter you faced last year, and who is the toughest hitter you've faced during your career? Is there anyone in particular who seems to have your number?

Tim Alderson: I'd say Brandon Snyder at Bowie in Double-A last year. Whatever I threw he hit whether it was for a single or for power. The kid was flat-out on fire the whole series. I don't think anyone got him out.

    david (phoenix az): did you ever get josh garcia out when you were at horizion?

Tim Alderson: Josh hit a bomb or two off of me back in the day. I'm not sure if he owned me but we had some good battles.

    MisterE (Yuba City,Ca): Glad to be one of the first to chat, are you excited about 2010 and Playing for the Pirates. You are playing for a young and exciting team. What do you think is going to be a challenge this year when you go out to the Mound? Are you ready to face Sluggers like Pujols, Holliday, Fielder?

Tim Alderson: Yes I am very excited to be a Pirate. As far as facing Pujols and any major league hitter, it will be a huge honor to go up against the best in the game and I look forward to the challenge.

    Dan (PA): Do you think you see the Pirates putting together a playoff team in the next couple of years?

Tim Alderson: Yes. There is a lot of young talent in the minors. After a couple of years all of those trades are going to pay off. It's going exciting to see the guys become the players I know they can be.

    Charlie (Charlestown): I like to collect autographed baseball cards, so I was wondering how long does it take to sign all the cards you're featured on? (from the 2007 products) Do the companies get you to do that right after signing your professional contract? Thanks and best wishes!

Tim Alderson: It takes a long but I enjoy doing it. It's something that I think is important, I want to do, and is an honor.

    Josh (NY): How difficult was it to walk away from the opportunity to play for someone as esteemed in the baseball community as Pat Casey?

Tim Alderson: It was definitely tough. Going to OSU was definitely something I wanted to do because I fell in love with the whole atmosphere of the town. But given the opportunity to play ball at a young age, stay close to home during spring training was something I couldn't pass up. It's a great program, they're a great team, and I wish the best and I hope they get back to Omaha.

    mike (boston): do you study film on the off season? what do you look for?

Tim Alderson: I have just started to study film. It has been real cool to see the difference from HS to now. It allows me to see what I am doing differently and I feel like I am ready to get back the mechanics I use when I am at my best.

    C Talboo (Coopersburg PA): Tim, How does the off season conditioning program of the Pittsburgh Pirates differ from that of the San Francisco Giants. Thank you

Tim Alderson: The Pirates have a structured workout set up for us right when we get to the field everyday. They focus a lot on strengthening our legs so I have doing a ton of running and lower body work. I have been working hard at a facility near my house called FitLife to continue the workouts the Pirates gave me while I am not at the complex.

    Ace (Cave Creek AZ): Tim who is the best pitcher you've had the oppurtinity to play with?

Tim Alderson: Kevin Rhoderick who I played with all through high school at Horizon. He's the closer at Oregon State right now he has always had nasty stuff.

    Troy (PHX,AZ): Who was the best Horizon player, Ryan Mills, B.Wood, or T.Alderson?

Tim Alderson: I haven't seen Ryan Mills pitch but I hear he has some great stuff. Brandon Wood is getting his feet wet in the majors this year and he is going to do big things in the future. He is a Horizon Husky legend.

    Reggie (Ottawa, IL): Most top pitching prospects were good athletes in high school and also played a position...as a professional do you miss hitting?

Tim Alderson: Yes I do miss hitting. Last year I got the chance to hit a little bit. I hit a home run against the Binghampton Mets. As I was rounding the bases Ike Davis who was one of the top AZ high school hitters ever was heckling me. It was a great feeling to know I could get a hold of one.

    Nick (NY): Tim, thanks for chatting with us. We're looking forward to your MLB debut (hopefully this year). Much has been made about the drop-off in "stuff" that you experienced in 2009. Do you feel that is fair? Were you injured or is there some other explanation? Thanks again and good luck!

Tim Alderson: I am not sure how to explain it but I did have a small drop in my velocity last year. It was a blessing in disguise because I have been focusing more on pitching than just getting on the mound and throwing and I am learning how to get people out without my best stuff. Thanks for all the questions guys. It's been a lot of fun. I am sorry I wasn't able to get to all of your questions but, I appreciate you guys following me and I look forward to next season.