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Dream Draft: Team Will Lingo

by Will Lingo
March 16, 2006

Round 1 Round 6
Round 2 Round 7
Round 3 Round 8
Round 4 Round 9
Round 5 Round 10
J.J. Cooper John Manuel
Aaron Fitt Chris Kline
Alan Schwarz Will Lingo
Will Kimmey Alan Matthews
Matt Meyers Jim Callis
Pick Player, Position, Organization (Age as of April 1, 2006)
1. Joe Mauer, c, Twins (22)
2. Jake Peavy, rhp, Padres (24)
3. Derrek Lee, 1b, Cubs (30)
4. Howie Kendrick, 2b, Angels (22)
5. Jeff Francoeur, of, Braves (22)
6. Eric Chavez, 3b, Athletics (28)
7. Chad Cordero, rhp, Nationals (24)
8. Brandon McCarthy, rhp, White Sox (22)
9. Jorge Cantu, 2b, Devil Rays (24)
10. Paul Konerko, 1b, White Sox (30)

My Philosophy: I went in intending to grab only young big leaguers (with 27-28 being a target for peak value) and trying to avoid prospects, who I thought would be overvalued in a BA draft.

My Draft: It actually worked out better than I expected. I ended up with an average age of just under 25 years old, and there's no one on my roster who I wouldn't be comfortable starting in the big leagues right away.

Best Draft: I don't see any that are head and shoulders above the rest, but Matt Meyers and John Manuel seemed to share my approach. I'm not a Billy Butler fan, but I love that Meyers ended up with no one older than 27 yet isn't overloaded with prospects.

Worst Draft: Again, no real dogs, but I think Will Kimmey's team is old (Ramirez, Jeter, Pedro and Ichiro are all on the back side of their careers), and I'm not sure Alex Gordon and Carl Crawford can fill the void when the veterans are gone.

Best Pick: Travis Hafner had an OPS of 1.003 last year, essentially the same as David Ortiz, and he's two years younger than Ortiz. So why did we let Schwarz wait until the seventh round to grab him?

Worst Pick: I like Chris Young, but I'm not sure I like him as the 61st-best player in the baseball universe. I think J.J. Cooper probably could have held off for a while and still gotten him at the end of the draft.

He Wasn't Taken?: In a draft where age was so important, it's hard to believe a 24-year-old Wily Mo Pena didn't get popped.

That Hurt: Jeremy Hermida, Andruw Jones and Zach Duke were among the players I would have liked to have on my team, though I think Matthews probably saved me from myself with Andruw and I'll be happier in the long run with Kendrick.

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