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Dream Draft: Team Will Kimmey

by Will Kimmey
March 16, 2006

Round 1 Round 6
Round 2 Round 7
Round 3 Round 8
Round 4 Round 9
Round 5 Round 10
J.J. Cooper John Manuel
Aaron Fitt Chris Kline
Alan Schwarz Will Lingo
Will Kimmey Alan Matthews
Matt Meyers Jim Callis
Pick Player, Position, Organization (Age as of April 1, 2006)
1. Miguel Cabrera, of/3b, Marlins (22)
2. Dontrelle Wills, rhp, Marlins (24)
3. Rich Harden, rhp, Athletics (24)
4. Michael Young, ss, Rangers (29)
5. Alex Gordon, 3b, Royals (22)
6. Manny Ramirez, of, Red Sox (33)
7. Derek Jeter, ss, Yankees (31)
8. Carl Crawford, of, Devil Rays (24)
9. Pedro Martinez, rhp, Mets (34)
10. Ichiro Suzuki, of, Mariners (32)

My Philosophy: I wanted to take young, semi-established players with star potential and planned that 29 years old would be my cutoff point. My philosophy changed when it seemed everyone was doing the same thing, and there was great value in stars in the 28-33 range.

My Draft: I was pleased to get both pitchers I considered in the second round in Willis and Harden. Older players who should maintain their skills seemed like the best value, so that's where I went late in the draft.

Best Draft: I like Will Lingo's battery of Joe Mauer and Jake Peavy, plus there's value in the picks of Derrek Lee, Eric Chavez and Paul Konerko and upside in Howie Kendrick and Brandon McCarthy.

Worst Draft: In Ryan Zimmerman, Chris Kline took the first player I see who doesn't have major star potential, and you've got to hammer your first few picks in this draft. There are other nice players there, but I don't see enough proven, dominant players on his roster.

Best Pick: David Ortiz is a great value in round five, and part of the reason I went with Manny the next time through.

Worst Pick: Justin Upton is at least two years away from the majors, so that's too early for me. I felt Brian McCann would be taken in the last two or three rounds.

He Wasn't Taken?: Chris Carpenter won the Cy Young last year, and I'm more comfortable with him giving you three good years than any pitcher taken in the final round.

That Hurt: I realized I should've taken Matt Cain just after I said Alex Gordon. I had Carlos Beltran pegged in the fifth round, and when he went the pick before me I panicked and took Gordon.

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