2009 Draft Order

Below is the order of selection for the 2009 draft, which begins June 9. Teams pick in reverse order of their 2008 winning percentage. Ties are broken by using the winning percentage from the previous season.

Rated free agents who are offered arbitration by their former clubs yield compensation draft picks when they sign major league contracts with new teams. A club losing a Type A free agent (rated in the top 20 percent at his position, as determined by a statistical rating compiled by the Elias Sports Bureau) gets the signing team's first-round pick as well as a supplemental first-rounder. Choices in the top half of the first round are protected, so if the signing club picks that early, it loses its second-rounder instead. A team losing a Type B free agent (rated in the 21-40 percent bracket at his position) receives a supplemental first-round pick.

Three potential compensation free agents remain on the market, but they'll only bring draft picks to their former clubs if they sign a major league contract with another team before the draft. Ben Sheets (Brewers, Type A) had elbow surgery on Feb. 10 and is expected to be out until after the all-star break, while Paul Byrd (Red Sox, Type B) has shown no interest in pitching a full season. Mark Grudzielanek (Royals, Type B) also is looking for work.

Additionally, teams that fail to sign players selected in the first three rounds of the draft get a compensation choice in the following draft. Unsigned players in the first two rounds yield a pick after the equivalent choice. Unsigned third-rounders result in a supplemental third-round pick.

Compensation picks are noted below with asterisks, with a full explanation of those choices listed below the chart. The order from the fourth through 50th rounds is identical.

First Supp. First Second Third Supp. Third Fourth-50th
1. WAS
33. SEA* 50. WAS
81. WAS
111. HOU* WAS
2. SEA
34. COL* 51. SEA 82. SEA

3. SD
35. ARI* 52. SD
83. SD

4. PIT
36. LAD* 53. PIT
84. PIT

5. BAL
37. TOR* 54. BAL
85. BAL
6. SF
38. CWS*
55. SF
86. SF
7. ATL
39. MIL* 56. LAD* 87. ATL
8. CIN
40. LAA* 57. CIN
88. CIN
9. DET
41. ARI* 58. DET
89. DET
10. WAS*
42. LAA* 59. COL
90. COL
11. COL
43. CIN* 60. ARI*
91. KC
12. KC
44. TEX* 61. CWS*
92. OAK
13. OAK
45. ARI* 62. TEX
93. TEX
14. TEX
46. MIN* 63. CLE
94. CLE
15. CLE
47. MIL* 64. ARI
95. ARI
16. ARI
48. LAA* 65. LAD
96. LAD   LAD
17. ARI*
49. PIT*
66. FLA
97. FLA
18. FLA
  67. STL
98. STL
19. STL
  68. TOR
99. TOR
20. TOR
  69. HOU
100. HOU
21. HOU
  70. MIN
101. MIN
22. MIN
  71. CWS
102. CWS
23. CWS
  72. NYM
103. NYM   NYM
24. LAA*
  73. MIL*
104. TOR*
25. LAA*
  74. MIL
105. MIL
26. MIL
  75. PHI
106. PHI
27. SEA*   76. NYY*
107. BOS
28. BOS
  77. BOS
108. TB
29. NYY*
  78. TB
109. CHC
30. TB
  79. CHC
110. LAA
31. CHC
  80. LAA

32. COL*

First-Round Changes
10. Nationals (for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Aaron Crow)
17. Diamondbacks (from Dodgers for Orlando Hudson, A)
24. Angels (from Mets for Francisco Rodriguez, A)
25. Angels (from Yankees for Mark Teixeira, A)
27. Mariners (from Phillies for Raul Ibanez, A)
29. Yankees (for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Gerrit Cole)
32. Rockies (from Angels for Brian Fuentes, A)

Supplemental First-Round Picks

33. Mariners (Ibanez)
34. Rockies (Fuentes)
35. Diamondbacks (Hudson)
36. Dodgers (Derek Lowe, A, to Braves)
37. Blue Jays (A.J. Burnett, A, to Yankees)
38. White Sox (Orlando Cabrera, A, to Athletics)
39. Brewers (C.C. Sabathia, A, to Yankees)
40. Angels (Teixeira)
41. Diamondbacks (Juan Cruz, A, to Royals)
42. Angels (Rodriguez)
43. Reds (Jeremy Affeldt, B, to Giants)
44. Rangers (Milton Bradley, B, to Cubs)
45. Diamondbacks (Brandon Lyon, B, to Tigers)
46. Twins (Dennys Reyes, B, to Cardinals)
47. Brewers (Brian Shouse, B, to Rays)
48. Angels (Jon Garland, B, to Diamondbacks)
49. Pirates (for failure to sign 2008 second-rounder Tanner Scheppers)

Second-Round Changes
56. Dodgers (from Braves for Lowe)
60. Diamondbacks (from Royals for Cruz)
61. White Sox (from Athletics for Cabrera)
73. Brewers (from Yankees for Sabathia)
76. Yankees (for failure to sign 2008 second-rounder Scott Bittle)

Third-Round Changes
104. Blue Jays (from Yankees for Burnett)

Supplemental Third-Round Picks
111. Astros (for failure to sign 2008 third-rounder Chase Davidson)